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Welcome to the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence for developing MOOCs and SPOCs, which continue the efforts of the previous steering committee as be a “change agent” working through the university and stimulate/inspire various departments to consider adopting more on blended learning and experiment with innovative learning pedagogies. Though this group has already demonstrated very strong trust, growth and cohesion since its unofficial inception some 2 years ago, it is now time to expand in order to lead PolyU to another era of success.

If you wish to find out more about our sub-community, more about MOOCs and SPOCs, or just like to share with us about your views and experiences on MOOCs or SPOCs, please consider joining our community or at least some of our activities.

Talk to one or more of our members. We would love to connect with you.

Aimed Achievements
It is expected that the following outcomes would be achieved:

  1. Exchange of knowledge, good practice and development of skills in adoption and application of open-source MOOC platforms and learning management systems (LMS) to global and on-campus learning and teaching;
  2. Explore and suggest solutions to sustain and enhance the current and forthcoming MOOCs and SPOCs;
  3. Increase adoption and application of MOOCs and SPOCs within blended learning and flipped classroom practices;
  4. Enhance and innovate the student learning experience with MOOCs in international contexts and global exposure.

Planned Activities
Alongside of a full range of activities planned in the CoP Technology-enhance Teaching & Learning, our sub-community has specifically planned including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Monthly MOOC/SPOC sharing sessions facilitated by EDC
  2. Regular meetings (Quarterly to update members the latest development and discuss the direction)
  3. Annual showcase of PolyUx MOOCs
  4. Annual showcase of PolyU SPOCs
  5. Themed seminars/forums on MOOCs development, challenges and opportunities (Biannually)


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