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In this sub community, we plan to research the many facets of e-Assessment and grading and their utility in enhancing teaching and learning at PolyU. We will present all the existing ways PolyU colleagues are using technology to improve their assessment methods, e.g., from lockdown browser assessments in HTI, Grademark and PeerMark from Turnitin in ELC, to WebWork and Crowdmark in AMA. In addition, we will also explore what other colleagues from other universities in Hong Kong are using too to improve their assessment methods.

More generally, our intended learning outcomes for this sub-CoP are:

  1. To explore technology to enhance feedback on student assessments;
  2. To investigate e-tools to help deliver assessment back to students expeditiously;
  3. To find the relationship between enhanced and prompt feedback after assessments on student failure rates, attentiveness, interaction and participation of students in a course;
  4. To perform data analytics on assessments, e.g. consistency in marking; early identification of  less-capable students and question enhancement;
  5. To probe issues of assessment in large classes, e.g., multiple choice and short answer which only assess surface knowledge;
  6. To seek solutions to plagiarism in homework in all subjects;
  7. To survey assessments that will increase interaction and engagement among students and instructors; and
  8. To explore methods of assessments in SPOCs and MOOCs with the aim of reducing "surface learning approach" to assessments common in SPOCs and MOOCs, and to increase the interaction and feedback for these SPOC and MOOC assessments