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Continuing on the good work accomplished by the existing CoP on using LMS to enhance teaching and learning, we shall identify and define metrics for gauging the adoption of LMS (Blackboard) by staff and students. Based on colleagues and students’ input, a targeted list of departments/teachers with innovative use of LMS has been identified and each will be invited to share in future meetings. This sub-community will also explore learning analytics especially data from LMS to early predict students who may need assistance and explore effectiveness of various pedagogies in enhancing student learning outcomes.

Intended Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Define a maturity model to gauge the adoption of LMS by staff and students at PolyU;
  2. Explore the usefulness of various add-on tools that supplement the LMS and enhance student learning outcomes;
  3. Apply learning analytics to explore improvements in learning processes, pedagogies, and personalisations;
  4. Harness and share good practice of the LMS among colleagues; and
  5. Collaborate with external learning communities to enhance sharing and learning of LMS-related topics