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This CoP welcomes active practitioners with notable experience and skill(s) in the development of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Gamefulness (inc. Game-Based Learning, Gamification, Serious Games), in particularly the application of these innovations and methods to teaching and learning practice.


  • To establish a shared domain of interest and expertise in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Gamefulness, and maintain a commitment to that domain on the part of the members.
  • Grow and nurture a genuine community in which members help each other, engage in joint discussions, share knowledge and practice and build fruitful collaborative relationships.
  • Community members cultivate a shared practice, through which they share resources, experiences, tools, ways of solving problems and enhancements to teaching and learning for the betterment of the student experience at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Short-Term Goals

  • Enable the dissemination of knowledge, skills and experience to overcome challenges via fun and meaningful participation.
  • Provide co-ordination, increased understanding and collaboration between practitioners and sections towards institutional goals.
  • Facilitate a forum for problem-solving and sharing of facilities, equipment and environment to increase quality and reduce replication of resources.

Long-Term Goals

  • Expand the community externally and internationally to establish a professional network hub of knowledge, skills and expertise – an established professional identity.
  • Influence and enable a strategic plan in alignment with the institutional strategy and aims (2018-19) to foresee and integrate technological developments.
  • Increase capacity to devise and deliver research-focused projects and market-focused opportunities.
  • Attract and develop active practitioners and experienced students to further expand the communities reach and impact.
  • Collectively benchmark projects and innovations against industry standards and enhance practice through QA/QE methods and student feedback.

A non-hierarchical community, members will:

Develop relationships of trust, mutual respect, reciprocity, and commitment necessary for strong communities;
Learn and develop a shared practice, based on an existing body of knowledge;
Generate and discover new knowledge;
Take purposeful action to carry out tasks and projects.
(Cambridge, Kaplan, and Suter, 2005)

It is envisaged that the long-term vision for this CoP is for its members to contribute to the institutional strategic aims and to embed Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Gamefulness firstly into common teaching practice at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and as part of a wider international professional network.? Similarly, the community will embark upon the professional development of colleagues, nurturing knowledge and skills to empower staff to adopt these modern technologies for teaching and learning practice whilst at the same time initiating and leading innovative research-focused projects.

Cambridge, D., Kaplan, S., and Suter, V. (2005) Community of Practice Design Guide: A step-by-step guide for designing and cultivating communities of practice in higher education [Online] EDUCAUSE; Available at (Accessed 21st March, 2017)