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For the clickers sub-community, usage of SRS (Clickers) at the PolyU has experienced substantial growth. Up to the academic year of 2015-2016, the cumulative frequency of students engaging in clickers activities at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has reached a total of 19,166 students. Across the university, over 70 teachers have adopted SRS in their classes respectively. In addition, another twenty teachers expressed their intention to use SRS in the new semester (i.e. 1st semester 0f 2016/17).

Learning outcomes of this sub-community are:

  1. Exchange of knowledge, good practice and development of skills in the adoption and application of SRS & PI to blended learning practices;
  2. Foster positive attitude & capability in harnessing SRS & PI towards effective blended learning practices; and
  3. Increased adoption and application of interactive technologies & pedagogies within blended learning practices.

For further information on Clickers@PolyU, please visit our website.