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2 years


61(plus 3 Training credits)

18 senior year places
  • This is a two-year full-time senior year programme for local applicants.
  • The normal credit required for graduation of this programme is 61 plus 3 training credits. Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree Language Communication Requirements (LCR) based on their previous studies in AD/HD programmes and their academic performance will be required to take additional 3 to 9 credits of English and/or Chinese language subject(s) on top of the normal credit requirements.

Application Deadline
Non-JUPAS Local Senior Year Admissions
About Programme
Specific Notes
How to Apply
Aims & Characteristics

Aims & Objectives

This specialism aims to nurture interaction designers who possess both a strong humanistic mindset and technological knowledge in order to actualize ideas as interactive dynamic experiences beneficial to people. 

- To this end, the objectives of the specialism include: 

- to equip students with the skills of creating interactive artifacts; 

- to guide generation of meanings through designing interactive dynamic experiences; 

- to enable creative applications of technological knowledge; 

- to develop students’ sensitivity to emergent human needs; and 

- to strengthen students’ critical judgment based on contextual review.




Is Interaction Design for you? 

This specialism will prepare you to be an interaction designer who will work on projects engaging the future; designing and developing smart products, services, or interactive entertainments. You will be exposed to concepts of design thinking, human-centered design, tangible interaction design, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things, anticipatory design, professionalism, and entrepreneurship. You will also be engaged in studio-based learning, technical workshops, design research methodologies, and work-integrated education.

Recognition & Prospects

Graduates of the BA (Hons) in Design (Interaction Design) will be interaction designers, user experience designers, visual designers, game designers, product managers, or media producers in a wide array of creative businesses, such as new media, digital entertainment, information technology, products and services, digital marketing, interactive advertising, and electronic commerce. Some may continue their studies in interaction design, multimedia entertainment, and the like at the postgraduate level.


Year 3 Pre-professional Collaborations 

Students will study specialism-specific compulsories to enhance their design knowledge and analytical capability. Core subjects consolidate students’ understanding of aesthetics, usability, user experience, tangible interaction, and entrepreneurship with a particular emphasis on digital interactive media. They will also learn about research methods in relation to users, products, and media, and apply the principles to problem formulation, idea generation, and concept development in studio courses.


Year 4 Integrative Design 

Students start to practise design projects in real case scenarios. The co-operative project involves real world clients and on-going projects. Students will be introduced to professional practice, virtual prototyping, computer games, and interactive marketing, being motivated to new opportunities in deploying their ideas. The capstone project summarises and captures all their learning and development in the specialism. 


Senior Year students are required to complete a total of 61 academic credits plus 3 training credits from industrial centre in order to graduate; academic credits including 9 credits earned from General University Requirements subjects, from Common Compulsory Subjects, 46 from Discipline-Specific and Elective Subjects.


Additional 3 to 9 credits of English and/or Chinese language subject(s) for students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree LCR.


More information can be found here.

Credit Required for Graduation

61(plus 3 Training credits)

Scheme/Programme Leader(s)

Dr. Huaxin Wei
PhD, MSc, BSc

Entrance Requirements
  • A Higher Diploma, an Associate Degree in Interaction Design, Multimedia Design, Creative Media Production, Digital Entertainment, Information Technology, Visual Communications, Product Design, or related disciplines.


For further programme information, please contact:
The General Office

Tel: 2766 5488; email:

Tel: 2766 4353; email:

Student Message

You may click HERE to view this year's student works.

Student works
Additional Documents Required
Transcript / Certificate


Portfolio Information Sheet

Copies of public examination result slip(s) demonstrating applicants' English language proficiency, e.g. HKDSE, HKALE, HKCEE, IELTS, TOFEL, etc. (for reference only)

Interview Arrangement

To evaluate the potential and interest of applicants for the programme.

Date of Interview
Between November and April

around 15 minutes for interview

Demo video and interview with portfolio presentation

Only selected applicants will be invited to the demo video and interview.