Concurrent Enrolment
Non-JUPAS Senior Year

You are not allowed to enrol concurrently on two full-time schemes / programmes whether or not one of the programmes is offered by another institution. For enrolling on a full-time scheme / programme and a part-time programme, or on more than one part-time programme leading to any formal award, including those offered by another institution, you are required to obtain approval from the PolyU Head(s) of Department concerned prior to enrolment. Failure to obtain written approval will result in discontinuation of your study at PolyU and the tuition fees paid for the scheme(s) / programme(s) will not be refunded.


Those who wish to apply for concurrent enrolment should download an application for concurrent enrolment (Form AR38) or get a copy at the Academic Registry Service Centre.  Please return the form to the Academic Registry before registration on the programme(s) concerned.


Students who have been granted approval for concurrent enrolment should note that the University is not responsible for making special timetable arrangements in case of clashes in class and examination timetables.