The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has all along been committed to helping students with special educational needs (SEN) adapt to the campus life and integrate into the PolyU community, and enhancing their learning effectiveness through different support measures.

Under this direction, Student Affairs Office (SAO) offers a one-stop integrated student support service to students with SEN as well as fostering an inclusive culture in the University community.

SAO also proactively plays an integral role in responding to the diverse and distinctive needs of SEN students and provides a variety of services and resources to enable these students to have equal opportunities on campus while not compromising academic standards.

Such support is available to any student with valid documentation of his/ her SEN. Students are encouraged to disclose SEN as early as possible so that appropriate adjustment could be in place sooner. However, disclosure could be made at any point of study. Referrals from staff members are also welcome. All information is handled in the strictest confidence.

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