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Ten PolyU research projects granted Research Impact Fund and Collaborative Research Fund

Ten PolyU research projects have been awarded with a total amount of $47 million from the Research Grants Council (RGC) for three of its funding schemes, namely, Research Impact Fund (RIF) 2021/22, Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2021/22 and the second round one-off CRF COVID-19 and Novel Infectious Diseases (NIR) Research Exercise. The RIF supports projects that have potential to translate the research findings and create impact that can benefit society. The CRF supports Research Equipment and Research Projects for acquisition of major research facilities or equipment, and promoting group research across disciplines respectively.   Prof Christopher CHAO, Vice President (Research and Innovation), congratulated the research teams and said, “We are grateful to get these encouraging results to support our colleagues to further their research endeavours. PolyU’s core research facilities support a wide range of research activities and it is the  University’s strategy to strengthen these facilities to support more interdisciplinary research. This year we rank first in the CRF Research Equipment Grants in terms of the number of projects supported. It helps build up our central research facilities and support our researchers to explore more innovative solutions to various societal  challenges.”   RGC Research Impact Fund 2021/22 – two funded projects being awarded a total amount of $8.8 million • Dr WEI Minchen, Tommy, Associate Professor, Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering Project Title: Deeper Understanding of Color Matching Mechanism for Developing High-quality Lighting and Imaging Systems • Dr HSU Li-Ta, Associate Head and Associate Professor, Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Aerospace Navigation, Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering Project Title: Reliable Multiagent Collaborative Global Navigation Satellite System Positioning for Intelligent Transportation Systems   RGC Collaborative Research Fund 2021/22 – five funded projects (three Research Equipment Grant and two Research Project Grant) with  a total amount of $24.1 million Research Equipment Grant • Prof CHEN Xiaojun, Director, University Research Facility in Big Data Analytics, and Chair Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics       Proposal Title: High Performance Deep Learning Clusters for Big Data Analytics • Prof YANG Mo, Associate Head (Research) and Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering Proposal Title: An Upright Multiphoton Microscope for Intravital Imaging and Optogenetic Studies • Prof WONG Raymond Wai-yeung, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles, Chair Professor of Chemical Technology, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology Proposal Title: Advanced Fourier-transform Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Molecular and Nano Functional Materials Research     Research Project Grant  • Dr ZHAO Xin, Department of Biomedical Engineering Project Title: Development of High-Resolution 3D Scaffolds with Biomimetic Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Structure for Bone Tissue Repair • Prof WONG Man Sing Charles, Professor, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics Project title: Study of Carbon Sequestration in Hong Kong’s Vegetation: from Present to Future Prediction under Climate Change   Second round one-off CRF COVID-19 and Novel Infectious Diseases (NIR) Research Exercise – three funded projects being awarded with a total amount of $14.1 million • Ir Prof GUO Hai, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Proposal Title: Is the Usual Social Distance Sufficient to Avoid Airborne Infection of Expiratory Droplets in Indoor Environments? • Dr SHIH Yi Teng, Assistant Professor, School of Design Proposal Title: The Effect of Distance Design Collaboration Necessitated by COVID-19 on Brain Synchronicity in Teams Compared to Co-Located Design Collaboration   • Prof SHI Wenzhong John, Professor, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics Proposal Title: Spatiotemporal Prediction and Real-time Early Warning of COVID-19 Onset Risk

11 Jan, 2022

Research and Innovation


PolyU students won the first prize in Huawei ICT Competition Hong Kong SAR 2021-2022

Huawei ICT Competition is a prestigious ICT talent exchange event developed by Huawei for global college students to groom a healthy development of the ICT talent ecosystem - to "find young talents in the information and communication industry". Two PolyU’s teams won the First Prize and Potential Prize for their knowledge and outstanding performance. Polynomials team is passionate about big data, AI, cloud service, storage and geospatial technologies, and their applications in E-Commerce, Healthcare, IoT, and smart city. Through a comprehensive set of tutorials and guides on the Huawei iLeanringX platform, the team obtained in-depth knowledge on four kinds of state-of-the-art IT technologies as well as their evolutionary history and applications. Through two rounds of exams, the team stood out by winning the First Prize of the competition. Another team Babushka AI, on the other hand, also won the Potential Prize. They were the 8 teams selected for the finals from more than 300 people. With augmented knowledge and experiences, the teams wish to further enhance their practical abilities in the future and become the next generation workforce for the ICT ecosystem. First Prize team: Polynomials Team members:  Feng Yun Lin, Zhong Xiu Ming and Tang Man Kit (students from Department of Computing, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics,) Instructor: Dr. Yang XU, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics Potential Prize team: Babushka AI Team members: LAM Ho Yin, Myrgyyassov Alisher and Dinesh Gautam (students from Department of Computing, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering) Instructor: Dr. Li Bo, Department of Computing According to Huawei, these local winning teams will be recommended to join the APAC regional competition, compete with other elite students within the region.

23 Dec, 2021

Awards and Achievements

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PolyU Young Innovative Researcher Award – Now Open for Entries

PolyU is committed to research excellence, to address global challenges with innovation and to develop novel ideas to positively impact our community. We actively encourage multidisciplinary research and nurture young talents.  To this end, we have introduced the “PolyU Young Innovative Researcher Award” to recognize our outstanding young researchers, who have demonstrated exceptional research achievements in their areas.  The awardees will have to be under the age of 35 by August 1st of the year of the award (Year 2022).  The assessment panel is made up of the President, the Deputy President & Provost, the Executive Vice President, and the Vice President (Research & Innovation). Up to five awardees may be selected from nine research areas.  Awardees will receive cash prize and research funding support from PolyU (up to HK$ 500,000 each). They may also be nominated to compete for the prestigious award of MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 China or equivalent and receive additional funding support and PhD quotas according to the prevailing PolyU policy.    More information is available from here.

15 Dec, 2021

Awards and Achievements


PolyU scholars receive RGC Senior Research Fellow Award and Research Fellow Award

Three PolyU scholars receive 2021/22 RGC Research Fellow Award and Senior Research Fellow Award for their outstanding research achievements. They were assessed based on the research capability, knowledge transfer and potential impact, and their engagement plan to train/nurture the next generation of research talent. PolyU’s awardees are as follows. 2021-2022 RGC Senior Research Fellow Award Prof. Jianhua Hao, Chair Professor of Materials Physics and Devices, Department of Applied Physics Project title: Coupling Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectrics to Optoelectronics: From Fundamentals and Materials to Device Applications to couple ferroelectric and piezoelectric effects on the optical and optoelectronic process in broad classes of cutting-edge materials and devices, investigate physical properties in the material systems, and demonstrate device applications based on the coupling effects Prof. Zijian Zheng, Institute of Textile and Clothing Project title: Permeable and Multi-functional Stretchable Electronics: Materials, Device, and 3D Monolithic System  to develop a new type of high-performance wearable and breathable sensor system integrated with various sensitive, reliable and multiplexed sensors on the basis of highly breathable materials and structures     2021-2022 RGC Research Fellow Award Dr. Gang Peng, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies Project title: Cortical Dynamics of Cantonese Lexical Tone Processing to fill the research gap in neuroanatomical basis of lexical tones by investigating the cortical dynamics of Cantonese lexical tone processing from different perspectives with behavioral and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) measurements

14 Dec, 2021

Awards and Achievements


PolyU and Huawei sign a memorandum of understanding to explore in-depth collaboration in Photonics Technology

PolyU and Huawei signed a strategic research cooperation memorandum of understanding today. Based on the existing cooperation, Huawei and PolyU’s newly established Photonics Research Institute jointly advance the technology development of photonics and its applications, by pursuing in-depth research collaborations to address major social challenges, setting up a joint lab and cultivating more young talents and organising joint academic activities. The MoU signing ceremony was held on the campus of PolyU, with Prof. Lu Chao, Associate Head of the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, PolyU and Mr. Matthew Leung, Director of Huawei Hong Kong Research Center as signatories. Photonic technology has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to sensing, nanotechnology and biomedicine. The Photonics Research Institute provides an interdisciplinary photonic research collaboration and technology development platform in different fields. Since 2007, PolyU has established a long-term partnership with Huawei, and has accumulated rich scientific research results, covering various fields of technologies, including optical communications, big data, crowdsourcing platforms, mobile networks, portable devices, algorithm, and new materials etc.  

8 Dec, 2021

Research and Innovation


PolyU’s anti-cancer drug research to bring commercial and health benefits

PolyU researchers have played a significant role in cancer research over the years and have led to the development of various new anti-cancer drugs. Pegtomarginase, which was initially developed by the research team led by Professors Thomas Leung and Thomas Lo in the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology and Lo Ka Chung Research Center for Natural Anti-Cancer Drug Development at PolyU, is further developed and exploited by Avalon Polytom and Athenex for the treatment of patients with advanced malignancies. They received U.S. FDA allowance of Investigational New Drug (IND) Application in 2019, and this second-generation human arginase (PT01 – Pegtomarginase) is further granted to enter into clinical trial phase 1, a significant milestone for this drug development with researchers’ innovation and strong execution capabilities at the companies commitment to commercializing novel technologies for the treatment of a wide range of cancers.  

8 Dec, 2021

Research and Innovation


PolyU students win awards in The 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

PolyU students were awarded in the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for their outstanding performance in advancing technology development in different aspects. Among all the First Prizes, the PolyU team from Zhang Heng Kai, Ren Zhiwei, Liu Kuan was granted the Grand Prize (Innovation) for their project "High Performance Solution-Processed Perovskite Solar Cell Towards Sustainable Development",which was appraised with high potential for further development. Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) joined the award presentation ceremony on Nov 27 and shared the joy of the awarded teams.  List of PolyU Awardees: Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering First Prize: - High Performance Solution-Processed Perovskite Solar Cell Towards Sustainable Development by Zhang Heng Kai, Ren Zhiwei, Liu Kuan Merit Prize: - Construction Noise Permit Application System Based onGeographic Information System and Noise ControlOrdinance by Chiu Kai Yim, Wong Ho Lun, Lee Wing Sze, Lee Chantel Alexandra, Suen LokFai, Ivan Jasper Istanto, Kong Yiu Lun - Performance Analysis of Bifacial Solar PV Module and itsApplication in Hong Kong by Hung Tak Lam, Lam Nico, Leung Chun Kuen Information Technology Second Prize: - Intelligent Driver Health Assessment System Based on theOptical Fiber Interferometer by Yu Jianxun, Chen Shuyang, Qu Jiaqi Merit Prize: - Milky Assistant by Leung Yee Ting Mathematics and Physics / Mechanics and Control Systems Merit Prize: - Adopting VR and AR Technology to Minimize HumanCasualty in Construction Site by Ho Ho Nam, Wong Kwong Sau Entrepreneurship Proposal Second Prize: - Electricity-free Smart Cooling Coating by Yang Ning, Fu Yang Startup Thrid Prize: - Probiotics protected by Aerospace Material by Gu Yinlin, Yu Xuanjie, Chang Jinhui, Dr. Jin Yong - FJ005 by Lee Jwo Lem Max , Ng Hoi Fung, Wen Weisong, Chan Wing Hei Josua,Hsu Li Ta Merit Prize: - APRINT- 3D PRINTING FOR STEM EDUCATION by Chui Cheuk Long, Kwong Hing Tim,Tang King Hung Social Enterprise /Cultural & Creative Services Thrid Prize: - Best Value by Ng Hoi Kam, Lam Pui Yi Yip Pui Sze, Ng Yim Hung, Pang Chee Tsun Marcus,Yue Karen Ashley Organised by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, the competition is aimed at selecting the most outstanding projects to represent Hong Kong in the aforementioned national stages, exposing talented Hong Kong students to cutting-edge innovative and entrepreneurship ideas and inspiring them with academic exchange among the brightest students nationwide. Through this eye-opening, first-hand experience, it is hoped that students could further develop their potential, sharpen their presentation and interpersonal skills and become future innovation and entrepreneurship leaders. Please click here for the snap shot.

27 Nov, 2021

Awards and Achievements


Professor Gang LI elected 2022 Optica Fellow

Prof. Gang LI, Sir Sze-yuen Chung Endowed Professor in Renewable Energy, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Associate Director, Research Institute for Smart Energy  (RISE), is elected as 2022 Optica Fellow for his seminal and sustained contributions to the research and development of organic solar cells and perovskite solar cells. Optica (formerly OSA) Board of Directors has recently elected 106 members from 24 countries to the Society’s 2022 Fellows Class. 4 from these 106 members are from Hong Kong. Professor Li’s research interests are organic semiconductor, and organo-metal halide hybrid perovskite based thin-film optoelectronic devices. He has published >160 journal papers including the paper on printed perovskite solar cell on Nature Photonics, and a Nature Communications paper on organic polymer solar cell this year. He has been a Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher from 2014 to 2021. Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU congratulated Prof. Li and said, “We are glad to receive Optica's recognition to Prof. Li's research effort in solar cell technology and energy applications, and it is our researcher’s endeavor in advancing technology development.” Optica (formerly OSA) is dedicated to promoting the generation, application, archiving and dissemination of knowledge in optics and photonics worldwide. Founded in 1916, it is the leading organization for scientists, engineers, business professionals, students and others interested in the science of light.

18 Nov, 2021

Awards and Achievements


Eight PolyU Scholars listed in Highly Cited Researchers 2021 by Clarivate Analytics

Eight PolyU researchers are recognised in the Highly Cited Researchers 2021 list by Clarivate Analytics for their pioneering research and significant impact in their fields. The list recognizes the scientists for demonstrating significant influence among their peers in their chosen fields through the publication of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science™. The list identifies some 6,600 researchers from across the globe. Engineering, Environmental and Ecology Prof. Dan Tsang, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer Science Prof. Song Guo, Department of Computing Cross-Field Prof. Shun-cheng Lee, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Gang Li, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering Prof. Feng Yan, Department of Applied Physics Dr. Xiao Zhang, Department of Mechanical Engineering Engineering Prof. Kwok-wing Chau, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Lei Zhang, Department of Computing For details of the Highly Cited Researchers, please visit here

17 Nov, 2021

Awards and Achievements


Joining hands with CAIR-HKISI-CAS to advance AI, DS and Robotics technologies

Under the support of the Department of Computing and Research Centre on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RC-DSAI), PolyU signed a collaborative agreement with the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Hong Kong Institute of Science & Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAIR-HKISI-CAS) on 1 Nov 2021 to advance Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS) and Robotic technologies research. With a longstanding collaboration with CAS, PolyU expands and deepens its existing partnership and enters into cooperation with CAIR-HKISI-CAS. The signing ceremony was held as a hybrid event at PolyU and the Institute of Automation, in Beijing simultaneously. It was witnessed by senior management and representatives of both parties. Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU, officiated the signing ceremony and gave a speech highlighting PolyU has become the first local institution that collaborates with CAIR-HKISI-CAS. “I am confident that with the strong commitment, concerted efforts and world-renowned experts from the CAIR-HKISI-CAS, the RC-DSAI and COMP of PolyU, we can strengthen our collaboration in research, provide all-around development and make significant contributions to our emerging society,” said Prof. Chao. PolyU established the RC-DSAI earlier in May, an intra-faculty research centre that focuses on discovering the unknown areas of AI, DS and deep learning to conduct sustainable and influential research. The Co-Directors of RC-DSAI, Prof. Qing Li, Chair Professor and Head of COMP together with Prof. Lei Zhang, Chair Professor of COMP, briefly introduced the Centre and its development directions. Prof. Bo Xu, Director of CAIR-HKISI-CAS delivered his remarks at the opening and welcomed the alliance while Prof. Zhaoxiang Zhang, Executive Director of CAIR-HKISI-CAS, also expressed his gratitude for the collaboration. This agreement offers a framework for collaboration to develop and apply innovative technologies in the fields of AI, DS and Robotics, to generate high impact research as well as to nurture talents and benefit mankind. The collaboration marks a new milestone in PolyU’s development and represents our earnest efforts in fostering long-term academic and research collaborations. Through leveraging the university’s competitive edge in education, research and complementing the strengths of CAIR-HKISI-CAS, the two parties will contribute to pursuing impactful research that benefits the region, the country and the world.   Please click here for the snap shot.

5 Nov, 2021

Research and Innovation

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