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HOYA Vision Care Offers HK$3.8M glasses and instrument to the School of Optometry at PolyU

13 Dec 2023

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Mr George Kwan, Managing Director of HOYA Lens Hong Kong Limited and HOYA Lens Taiwan Limited (2nd from left); Prof. Chea-su KEE, Head and Professor of School of Optometry at PolyU and Associate Director of Research Centre of SHARP Vision (2nd from right); Mr TANG Chi Shing, Optometrist (1st from left); and Dr Dennis Tse, Associate Professor of School of Optometry at PolyU (1st from right), officiated the ceremony, symbolizing the continued collaboration between HOYA and PolyU in developing evidence-based myopia management solutions in the future.

Dr Dennis Tse, Associate Professor of the School of Optometry at PolyU, shared his view on myopia in Asia and provided an overview of the research project’s background and objectives.

Mr George Kwan, Managing Director of HOYA Lens Hong Kong Limited and HOYA Lens Taiwan Limited, introduces HOYA Vision Care’s evidence-based myopia solutions.

Mr Tang Chi Shing, Optometrist, explained the importance of axial length monitoring for myopia progression management.

A six-year follow-up clinical study published in 2022 on MiYOSMART, the myopia control spectacle lens co-developed by HOYA Vision Care and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), has shown that the patented Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) technology is a simple, safe, effective and non-invasive way to slow the progression of short-sightedness in children. The myopia management effect among children aged 8-13 after cessation of MiYOSMART is also proven to be continuously sustained over time with no rebound effect.

Following the success of the collaboration, HOYA Vision Care has, this year, provided HK$3.8 million of in-kind support to the School of Optometry at PolyU to fund a new research project entitled “Effectiveness of the Defocus Incorporated Spectacle Lenses on Fast Progressing Myope: A Randomised Control Trial”, with an aim of enhancing the myopia management solution and help children with rapid myopia progression.

A New Study to Develop a More Effective Evidence-based Myopia Management Solution

Prevalence of myopia in Asia prompted the aforementioned new study to closely examine children in Hong Kong aged between 4-12, whose cumulative myopia progression had drastically increased by more than -0.5/D in a year, or whose axial length had increased significantly by 0.27mm in a year. This kind of fast progressor is associated with greater risk of sight-threatening complications and poor quality of future vision, even when corrected. Timely treatment for this group of young patients is crucial, because myopia is best treated early to avoid vision complications in the long run.

George KWAN, Managing Director of HOYA Lens Hong Kong Limited and HOYA Lens Taiwan Limited says, “Myopia has become a global concern. An estimated five billion people, that is half the global population, could be affected by myopia by 2050. HOYA Vision Care has always been committed to ensuring that evidence-based myopia treatment is available to meet the growing needs of the public, the younger generation in particular. Since its launch in 2018, the MiYOSMART spectacle lens has gained the trust of parents of over 2 million children across the world.”

In the new two-year clinical study, HOYA Vision Care is offering about 700 pairs of glasses to participating children. “The children have to get a new pair of glasses about every six months during the two-year assessment. We hope our in-kind donation will encourage participation and strengthen the validity of the study, while helping more children in need,” Mr Kwan added.

Dr Dennis TSE, Associate Professor of the School of Optometry at PolyU shared his view that, “Although, in Asia, myopia is most common among young children due to hereditary, lifestyle and environmental factors, prolonged reading, screen time, the lack of outdoor activities and insufficient lighting at work are also considered to be factors that contribute to the rapid progression of myopia.” Dr Tse also explained that, “The purpose of the current research is to examine the effectiveness and performance of Defocus Incorporated Spectacle lenses on controlling myopia progression in fast-progressing myopic children. We are grateful for the collaboration with HOYA Vision Care, especially for the in-kind donation of spectacle lenses and professional advice that are critical to the discovery of a more effective treatment for myopia.”

Promoting axial length monitoring for myopia progression management

The LENSTAR Myopia by HOYA and MiYOSMART spectacle lenses will be mutually complementary for the promotion of the accuracy of data collection in related research studies and efficient myopia management. LENSTAR Myopia by HOYA helps monitor and manage the results of myopia management cases through biometrics and analytical visualizations. Furthermore, its new Age-Match Myopia Control (AMMC) module provides the eye care professional with a tool which gives a clear treatment goal: keeping axial length growth at a physiological emmetropic rate. Axial length is found to be a key driver for the development of myopia and the measurement of axial length is an excellent way to predict the onset and progression of myopia.

To encourage axial length monitoring, one set of LENSTAR Myopia has been donated to the School of Optometry of PolyU by HOYA Lens HK Limited. The set was also introduced to Hong Kong optical stores, enabling access to easy and fast axial length measurement to ensure the wider public's myopia progression is better predicted and controlled with tested and trusted solutions.



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