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CILTHK CHAN Tsz shan 1

Miss CHAN Tsz-shan (Kelly), who graduated from BSc (Hons) in Logistics Engineering with Management (LEM) in 2018, obtained the CILTHK Kerry Logistics Scholarship, which is a scholarship programme offered by Kerry Logistics, which aims to provide financial support to competent students undertaking Master/Bachelor programmes in logistics. The shortlisted finalists were invited to visit the Kerry Cargo Centre, and finally, present the topic of “Automation in Logistics”. The selection criteria are not only limited to the academic achievements and outstanding extra-curricular activities, but also the commitment to pursue career development in the logistics industry and the performance in the presentation.

Kelly expressed the view that the visit to the Kerry Cargo Centre is precious, and she realised the power of merging the advanced technologies in the logistics field. She described the operating procedures of automation were demonstrated, which could enhance her understanding of the theories learnt from the university, thus widening her horizons. Besides, the preparation of the presentation could facilitate her to summarize the things she learnt, thus it was an invaluable experience for her.

Congratulations again to Kelly and we are very honoured to have the student who is excellent in all-round performance and willing to devote in the logistics field.



CILTHK CHAN Tsz shan 2

Mr W.H. TSANG (Right), the president of CILTHK, and the representative of Kerry Warehouse (HK) Ltd (Left) presented a certificate to Miss CHAN Tsz-shan (Middle), the awardee.

CILTHK CHAN Tsz shan 3

Awardees celebrated the awards with Hon Frankie YICK Chi-ming, SBS, JP, and, Dr K.L. Choy (Right), who is the programme leader of LEM