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ISE PhD student Mr. Ng Kam Hung won the Champion in the “Paper Award Competition (Postgraduate level) 2017/18”organized by the HKIE Control, Automation & Instrumentation Division. The awarded paper is titled as “Considering arrival and departure uncertainties in robust aircraft sequencing and scheduling problem with meta-heuristics approach”, which was supervised by Dr Carman Lee.

The research paper considers the aircraft sequencing and scheduling problem under the uncertainty of arrival and departure delays for multiple heterogeneous mixed-mode parallel runways. Through the proposed efficient artificial bee colony algorithm, the nearly optimal solution will be obtained with a desirable computational time to further enhance the capacity and resilience level in the mixed-mode parallel runways operation.

The CA Paper Award Competition is organized by the Control, Automation & Instrumentation Division (CAD) and co-organized by the Institute of Measurement and Control, Hong Kong Section with the aim to promote the Control, Automation & Instrumentation technologies and to encourage young/ potential engineers and technologists presenting their innovative ideas. Paper of the winners will be published in the Symposium Proceedings.

CA Paper Award Competition 2018

Mr. Ng Kam Hung (2nd from right), who won the Champion of the “Paper Award Competition (Postgraduate level) 2017/18”. Awardees celebrated with Dr Carman Lee (2nd from left), who is the supervisor of Mr. Ng.