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Miss Chan Wan Yue (Maggie), who is a year 2 student of the BEng (Hons) in Industrial and Systems Engineering programme, participated in the 2016 International Design Forum and Joint Workshop organized by Tianjin University.  After intense competition, Maggie and her team was awarded the 2nd Prize.

This year, the theme was "Vision of smart mobility in 2025".  Maggie formed a team with three students from different universities, namely Tianjin University, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and National Cheng Kung University of Taiwan.

The team worked closely together and developed an idea for smart mobility in 2025 over five days, followed by a presentation on the sixth day.  Their idea is to encourage citizens to take public transport more often.  They thus designed a smart car which can be rented from the check points on the street and drive to the connecting train station.  The car can also get on the train, and two cars can be joined together to enlarge the capacity.  A more convenient transportation system can thus be provided for the public.