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Ms LEUNG Man Yu Maria, a 2012 graduate of the MSc in Knowledge Management (MScKM) programme has once again received the Gold Award of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme (WARS) in 2015.The Scheme is co-organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) of the HKSARG.

WARS is an annual event and is open to all local enterprises and organisations including companies, non-government organisations (NGOs), educational institutions and public sector organisations, etc.  It aims to encourage local enterprises and organisations to adopt accessibility design features in their websites and mobile applications by recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of those organizations.

After graduation, Maria established a consulting company, and applied knowledge she learnt from the programme.  Her company won recognition from the government for adopting effective accessibility designs in its websites to facilitate access by everyone, including persons with disabilities.


Ms Maria Leung (right) received the Gold Award in the Third Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony on 13 April 2015



Applying the knowledge learnt from the programme, Ms Maria Leung (middle) was lauded at the ceremony in recognition of adopting effective accessibility designs in websites