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Dr W.H. Ip, Associate Professor of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, his MPhil student, Mr. Ng Chun Kit, and four others co-authors submitted a conference paper entitled “Optimal Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network Using a PSO-based Approach”, which was selected as one of the excellent papers at the 12th Conference on Information Technology and Applications in Outlying Islands, and was awarded “Certificate of Award for an Excellent Paper”.

As a representative of the authors, Mr. Ng attended the conference, which was hosted by Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, Quemoy University, Taiwan, and College of Information Science & Engineering, Huaqiao University, China. The 3-day conference was held in Kinmen, Taiwan and Xiamen, China from 24 to 26 May 2013.

In the paper, the authors pointed out that energy saving is a known critical issue in the design of a wireless sensor network (WSN) because of the power-limited sensor nodes. Without considering data aggregation, the authors set up a simplified griddle model to evaluate the energy consumption in WSN, and then proposed an approach for optimizing the energy consumption of sensor griddle bands in WSN. The simulation results illustrated that the proposed approach was successful to optimize the energy consumption of sensor griddle bands in WSN. It is inspiring that the effort of the authors was awarded at the conference.

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Prof. W.C. Hu (Front Row, Right), Head of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Penghu University of Science and Technology, presents the “Certificate of Award for an Excellent Paper” to Mr. Ng (Front Row, Left), the representative of the authors.


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“Certificate of Award for an Excellent Paper”