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139x150 Jiayi Xu

Programme and Year:
BSc in Logistics Engineering with Management, Year 2

Exchange Institution:
Tampere University of Technology

Exchange Period:
Semester 1 in Year 2011/12



TUT has a great physical study environment. The facilities are clean and in excellent condition. There is plenty of space for students to study or discuss with group members.

The learning atmosphere in lectures is good. I took six courses and four of them were at the master level. Most of my classmates were international students. The lectures impressed me because of the interaction between the professors and students. No matter whether it was a big lecture with a hundred students or a small lecture, students listened to the lecturer carefully and actively participated in discussions. An interesting thing was that every student had their own accent when speaking English, so it was a good opportunity to improve our communication skills.

I had the warmest welcome there in TUT by my tutors. They helped me before my arrival till the end of my exchange period. The photo shows my tutor Paula, a Spanish master’s degree student, and I and “INTO bear” which is the mascot of the international students club of TUT. 


250x210 TUT