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Programme and Year:
BSc in Enterprise Engineering with Management, Year 2

Exchange Institution:
National Tsing Hua University 

Exchange Period:
Semester 2 in Year 2011/12



NTHU is a well-known institution of engineering, especially my department, Industrial System Engineering (called Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management there). I really appreciated the course arrangement and class atmosphere. The students were willing, or even eager, to share their opinions and what they knew about the topics. The various teaching methods impressed me most. Instead of purely giving a lecture with a three hours speech, teachers there tried to make it more vivid by changing the format of teaching.

One of the most remarkable experiences in Taiwan was my participation in a popular entrepreneur competition. Being an exchange student, it was a very tough task to form a team of 11 from different universities in Taiwan. My social and communication skills have been greatly enhanced. I gained much knowledge on how to be an entrepreneur after some training about business models, business plans and evaluation pitches. I attained much more than what I could have got from text books.