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In a press conference, Dr. George Ho, Teaching Fellow of ISE, shared two developed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based smart healthcare systems, namely 1) a drug management system and 2) an electronic nursing service management system. The former system tracks drugs records from the beginning of drug replenishing to dispensing process to enhance drug and patient safeties with alert warnings when expired drug, drug allergy, contraindications and error in dispensing are detected. The latter is an electronic information system which enables the management, recording and tracking of nursing services information with real-time service monitoring, alert and reporting features. It aims to relieve workload and pressure of frontline practitioners, and enhance efficiency and quality of nursing services. The systems apply technologies including RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC), cloud computing and Wifi network which are readily available in healthcare institutions. Seamlessly operation merging is one of the distinctive features in system design, which is easy to use without affecting the current workflow nor increasing workload. In addition, with user-friendly interfaces tailor-made for healthcare workers in different capacities, a real improvement in operation efficiency and monitoring capability can be achieved. Both systems are applicable in healthcare institutions including hospitals, infirmary units, rehabilitation centres, elderly nursing homes, clinics, etc. The research team intends to explore the application in managing nursing services and smart healthcare.

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