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In an interview, Dr. Carman Lee, Assistant Professor of ISE, shared her research on RFID-based Green Management Information Platform for Centralized Dishwashing Service Providers to tackle manpower shortage of the catering industry. With an integrated application of RFID, IoT/M2M and Cloud Computing technologies, the platform provides a one-stop solution for real-time tracking and monitoring of process status of dishes. Overall logistics management will be improved with enhanced data transparency among clients and factory operators. It is expected that the platform will increase productivity of a centralized dish washing factory by 15% and reduce manpower by 10-15%. The research team is planning to extend the application to fleet management, and also to other hygiene and waste management industries such as consumed edible oil management and laundry service. (Sing Tao F02, am730 A19 and Wen Wei Po A26)