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In a brief, solemn ceremony held at police headquarters in Wanchai on 30th August 2011, Andy Tsang, the police commissioner, conferred a certificate to Prof. Eric Tsui (ISE), appointing him as an honorary advisor on knowledge management (KM) of the Police College. According to the introductory note read to the commissioner and the senior assistant and assistant commissioners, Prof. Tsui, an associate director of the Knowledge Management Research Centre of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, was appointed due to his extensive experience in KM and e-learning in the region, as well as his prior contributions to the French and Malaysian governments in similar services. In his two-year appointment, Professor Tsui will assist the force in designing KM a curricula and conducting specific KM seminars, advise them on KM systems and emerging trends, and help foster collaboration between ISE and FYP.

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