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Atmospheric Acidic Ultrafine Particle Measuring Device

Making further research on the ultrafine particles possible

Light field sensor for object detection and distance measurement

Capturing 4D light field data with 2D images

PolyU stages Entrepreneurship Parade

In support of more than 60 projects

PolyU wins big with 18 Prizes in Geneva Inventions Expo

Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Programme

Crossing the professional boundaries; Sharing your Belt and Road experiences.

Tech Showcase
Tech Search

This portal provides easy access to PolyU’s wide range of innovative technologies and research breakthroughs with high application value. Search for your desired technologies by keyword, category or department.

Award-winning Projects

Over the years, many of PolyU’s research projects have been honoured with international recognition and acclaim. This page lists our achievements at various invention exhibitions and competitions, such as International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada.

House of Innovation

The first on-campus technology showroom in a local university, HoI showcases PolyU’s expertise and accomplishments in applied research and development. The showroom plays a pivotal role in raising industry’s and public awareness of PolyU’s contributions in technology advancement and knowledge transfer.

Networks & Partnership
CEO Club

Established by IfE, the prestigious club for CEOs and entrepreneurs is dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of its members’ enterprises through shared experience and insights. It also serves as a platform to facilitate knowledge transfer between PolyU and industry.


The community consists of PolyU's graduate entrepreneurs. Celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit, we strive to foster closer links within the community as well as between them and their alma mater. Poly-preneurs® also serve as role models for PolyU students in their entrepreneurial endeavours.


International Strategic Technology Alliance (ISTA) is an alliance integrating the expertise of 28 institution members from the Chinese mainland, the UK and the US to promote applied research and consultancy services on an international scale that benefit both the institutions and the society at large.

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entrepreneurs nurtured
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