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Immersion Programme

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Start-up Immersion Programme (SIP) 2019

Period: 26 May to 8 June 2019 (14 days) Location: Shenzhen and Hong Kong
  • Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit of the young students
  • Fostering co-operation and partnership among youth in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and overseas
  • Helping overseas students to understand the startup ecosystem and market in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Target Audience
  • Students teams from invited overseas institutions who are interested in or is starting a business.  Ability to communicate in Chinese would definitely be an advantage
  • Faculty / staff from Technology Transfer Office or Entrepreneurship Centre of overseas institutions are also welcomed to join
Programme Activities
  • Cross-cultural entrepreneurship training
  • Lean Startup programme, to design business models and validate business plans at minimal cost
  • Job shadowing at startups in Hong Kong
  • Visits to internationally renowned technology companies in Shenzhen
  • Visits to incubators in Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Estimated Number of Participant
  • 70 (60 from local PolyU and Shenzhen University, 10 from overseas institutions)
Cost Arrangement
PolyU is pleased to offer sponsorship support for student teams from overseas institutions (up to 5 students from each institution), covering the followings:
  • Training fee in Shenzhen
  • Group transportation & some of the meals in Shenzhen & Hong Kong
  • Accommodation in Shenzhen & Hong Kong[1]
The following costs and arrangement shall be covered by the participants themselves:
  • Transportation from home country to Hong Kong / Shenzhen
  • Transportation to home country from Hong Kong
  • Entry Visa of both China & Hong Kong
  • Insurance in both China & Hong Kong
Please note also that staff from overseas institutions shall cover their own accommodation costs. Upon request, PolyU can assist in the booking of local accommodation for them. 
Programme Schedule [2]

Note: The details of the visit programme, especially the company visit, may be subject to change

[1] For accommodation, two students from each institution shall share a guest / double room
[2] For participating staff, a separate visit programme shall be arranged with a more condensed schedule
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