Normal Period of study


Normal Period of Study

2-year full-time MPhil programme

2 years

3-year full-time PhD programme

3 years

4-year full-time PhD programme

4 years

4-year part-time MPhil programme

4 years

6-year part-time PhD programme

6 years

8-year part-time PhD programme

8 years

For Collaborative PhD and Dual PhD students, please refer to Appendix 1 for the normal period of study.

An RPg student is expected to submit his/her thesis by the end of his/her normal period of study. Please refer to the details about thesis submission and oral examination.

If an RPg student is unable to complete his/her studies within the normal study period, he/she shall apply for continuing his/her studies beyond the normal period of study (but within the maximum period of study) for the D/SRC Chair’s approval.

Note: Extension of Normal Period of Study is not allowed.