Sustainability Report 2014/15
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Highlights of Sustainability Achievement in 2014/15

June 2014

Our iconic campus landmark, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, won the Structural Excellence Award 2014 (Commendation Merit) and the Green Building Award 2014 (Merit Award) in recognition of its outstanding structural design by the celebrated architect Zaha Hadid. Innovation Tower aims to provide a creative learning environment for students and design professionals.

August 2014

A scholar from our Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology was awarded the 2014 Xiaoyu Hu Memorial Award for contributing to social sustainability in researching the synthesis of anti-cancer drugs that are based on natural products.

November 2014

PolyU’s “Green Deck” masterplan over the Cross Harbour Tunnel toll plaza won the Merit Award in the 5th Green Building Award 2014 jointly organized by the Green Building Council and the Professional Green Building Council. As we continue collecting feedback from stakeholders, we anticipate the Green Deck to benefit the community and the environment alike.

March 2015

PolyU was awarded the Caring Organization Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. This award commends PolyU’s contributions in community commitment through various social responsibility initiatives for the well-being of our employees, community and the environment in 2014/15.

April 2015

PolyU is proud to accept the Gold Award of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme and the Bronze Award of the U.S.-based 13th Horizon Interactive Awards. The accolades encourage our ongoing work in inclusive design for our of official websites and mobile apps that are accessible to all users with or without disabilities.

May 2015

Our offices, classrooms and library at PolyU’s Main Campus have been certified Good Class IAQ for three years running. This year, we also received the Certificate of Top 10 Highest Participation Rate in 2014. PolyU has worked hard to maintain a pleasant indoor air environment for all staff and students over the years.

We are delighted and honored to have won 15 prizes in the prestigious 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, in recognition of our researchers’ efforts that have amply shown the potential of their solutions in benefit of society.

Since 2012, PolyU has been participating in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE). This year we won the Bronze Award for the "Public Organisations & Utilities Sector" of the 2014 HKAEE in recognition of our strong commitment to improve our all-around environmental performance.

June 2015

PolyU is once again the Gold Award recipient for the School Sector of Yan Oi Tong Plastic Recycling Partnership Scheme 2014-15, thanks to our eager support for source separation and plastics recycling.