Sustainability Report 2014/15
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Our Achievements and Targets

Social Achievements in 2014/15
  • Engaged in 533 new consultancy projects for 338 clients via PolyU Technology and Consultancy Company Limited (PTeC).
  • Hosted the 2nd Summit on University Social Responsibility (USR).
  • Organized the Inaugural International Conference on Service-Learning (SL) with 300+ participants.
  • Supported 79 startup ventures and nurtured over 220 young entrepreneurs since 2011 through the PolyU Micro Fund series.
  • The number of SL subjects increased to 58 during the year, taken by 3,000+ students.
  • Launched the Good Seed Programme.
Targets for 2015/16
  • Engage in 540+ consultancy projects for 330+ clients via PTeC.
  • Establish the USR Network with renowned global universities, and set up its PolyU Social Responsibility Steering Committee to develop collaborative USR projects.
  • Support outstanding students on SL projects abroad.
  • Support 100+ startup ventures and nurture 300+ young entrepreneurs through the PolyU Micro Fund series.
  • Offer 60+ SL subjects with 4,000+ SL places for students.
  • Set up a volunteer team “The PolyU Volunteers” comprising students, staff, alumni and former staff.
Environmental Achievements in 2014/15
  • Annual carbon emission per capita due to electricity consumption was reduced by 0.22% compared with 2005/06.
  • More than 1,500 members of the University community set a new Guinness World Record of 31 kWh for “the most electrical energy generated by pedaling on bicycles in 24 hours”.
  • Food Waste Collection Service in which food waste were recycled into compost and animal feed was launched at end of 2013. In 2014/15, a total of 144.2 tonnes of food waste were collected for recycling.
  • Annual printing paper consumption by the University dropped by 14.4% compared with 2009/10.
  • Campus Sustainability Policies were released to embed sustainability principles in all University areas.
  • Published the first GreenNet@PolyU Newsletter.
  • Green buildings certified by BEAM as of April 2015 :
    - Hung Hom Bay Campus (Platinum Award)
    - Student Halls of Residence (Homantin) (Platinum Award)
Targets for 2015/16
  • Reduce annual carbon emission per capita due to electricity consumption by 5% compared with 2005/06.
  • Weigh solid waste on campus regularly.
  • Promote active recycling and source separation, and introduce new and more effective recycling/collection facilities.
  • Launch ‘Pantry Food Waste Collection Trial in Block Z’.
  • Reduce the University’s annual printing paper consumption by 17% compared with 2009/10.
  • Inaugurate the Campus Sustainability Survey.
  • Inaugurate the VeggieLicious event and Urban Farming program.
  • Launch an interactive web-based tree map for visitors and users to go on a tree appreciation journey on campus.
  • Inaugurate the Green PolyU Awards - Green Office Programme.
  • Commence redevelopment of Block X as a low-rise sustainable building.
  • Establish the University-Government-Industry (UGI) Consortium for Sustainable Urban Development.