Sustainability Report 2014/15
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Applying Green Technologies on Campus

As we pursue outstanding research and development, we apply our research success and latest technologies to maximize efficiency on campus, aiming to make a showroom of green technologies out of our campus. This testbed for innovative green solutions continues to be probed for new opportunities as we upgrade our existing facilities and adopt green design in new works. For instance, our Facilities Management Office finished upgrading an escalator that was barely used at upper levels in Block Z, changing its service mode from "two-speed" to "service-on-demand" to save energy.

[Photo]: Educating users about green technology on campus

Introducing Eco Block on PolyU campus

Developed and patented by PolyU, Eco Block is made from recycled glass and construction waste. It removes air pollutants during the production process and helps conserve natural resources. PolyU has introduced Eco Block at various sidewalks and roads on campus to support and promote this locally-developed technological innovation. Through these real-world applications, we aim to showcase our research excellence and invite our stakeholders to join us in supporting green innovation.

[Photo]: Eco Block on Vehicular access behind Core Q

[Photo]: Eco Block on Footpath behind Core A