Sustainability Report 2014/15
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Caring for Staff Welfare

PolyU has established clear human resources policies, such as our Recruitment Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Privacy Policy Statement and Staff Code of Conduct to ensure fairness and transparency in the workplace. These policies and frameworks are thoroughly documented and freely accessible to all staff.

Benefits and Appraisal

The University recruits and retains quality staff to build on our human capital by benchmarking remuneration packages in the market, introducing incentive schemes to reward and attract outstanding personnel, and providing career advancement opportunities for both academic and non-academic staff. Available benefits include medical insurance and retirement benefits, and staff may also apply leave depending on their needs and circumstances including maternity leave, paternity leave, compassionate leave, and leave for staff development. As a merit-based organization, staff members are treated equally and fairly and are rewarded based on their performance. Staff members who have demonstrated aspiration and potentials for extra job requirements are considered for promotion.

Polytechnic University Staff Association

PolyU’s Staff Association (PUSA) is a registered trade union for full-time staff, with 60% of the full-time staff holding membership. PUSA representatives sit in on, or are members of several university management committees. The association works towards raising the quality of professional life in the University, and represents their interests in all matters, especially those concerning conditions of service. Through regular liaison meetings with Senior Management and the Human Resources Office, the association plays an important role in the internal communication of staff views and concerns over working conditions.

Equal Opportunity

As an equal-opportunity employer, PolyU staunchly defends human rights and promotes social integration without discrimination across the University. In recent years, PolyU has promoted employment opportunities for people with disabilities through its participation in the Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme, both as an employer and a supporting organization. PolyU embraces a diverse workforce with employees coming from diverse backgrounds and having different talents from the community regardless of their physical conditions. PolyU will continue to provide its employees with a barrier-free working environment and assistive devices as needed.

To further promote social integration, PolyU has also contracted out a retail store operating on campus stipulating that people with disabilities make up at least one-third of its staff and are given adequate training and support. This initiative provides a platform for disabled people to interact with the public and practice their communication skills.