Sustainability Report 2014/15
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Training and Development

PolyU has allocated a suitable annual training budget to support various training programs for employees and furnish a workforce competent at embracing new challenges. We continued to offer a wide range of training opportunities in 2014/15 to foster the continuous development of their full potential, covering management skills, communication skills, teaching and information technology skills, OHS and other topics. We also provided education subsidies and leave for staff development to encourage pursuits in external job-related lifelong learning and education. A total of 20,054 hours were collectively spent on training in 2014/15.

[Infographic]: Training hours in 2014/15

Fielding a professional team is key to our success, which is why we establish different channels to aid their professional development and recognize their achievements. Highlighted initiatives include:

Launch of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

In 2014/15, the introduction of MOOCs at PolyU has encouraged more staff to embark on blended learning and deliver their on-campus subjects through digital platforms. Staff members can use the platform to learn new information and interact with students more conveniently.

[Photo]: Launch of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Overseas Scholarship Scheme (Teaching Development)

The Overseas Scholarship Scheme (Teaching Development) was set up with University Grants Committee (UGC) funding for professional development, financing teachers on overseas study visits to explore innovative teaching practices and policies and implement them within local contexts. To date, the Scheme has funded 21 teachers on visits to over 20 overseas universities and provided collaboration opportunities to more than 30 renowned scholars across 16 countries. An Overseas Scholarship Scheme (Implementation Fund) has also been set up to support the implementation of overseas teaching practices.

[Photo]: Overseas Scholarship Scheme (Teaching Development)

President’s Awards for Excellent Performance/Achievement

PolyU motivates staff to keep improving with an Award System that recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in teaching, research and scholarly activities, and services. Academic, teaching, and clinical staff in Faculties (or academic units not affiliated with the Faculties) with outstanding performance or achievements will receive the Faculty/School Awards for Outstanding Performance/Achievement. Exceptionally outstanding staff or teams are further recommended for the President's Awards for Excellent Performance/Achievement. Individual departments can also, at their own discretion, plan and organize awards to recognize outstanding performance/achievements of individual staffers or teams at the department level.

[Photo]: President’s Awards for Excellent Performance/Achievement