First-year Experience

Study Tips

Each of you is smart in different ways. Some students can memorize everything in their textbooks, some are well-liked among fellow schoolmates, and some are creative designers. Here’s a little freshmen tip: when you know what you’re good at, you can discover the best way for you to study. Find out how you can tailor your learning for your intelligence type!

Word Smart (linguistic Intelligence) – Word smart people are good with words, letters, and phrases. They enjoy activities such as reading, playing word games, and having discussions. If you’re word smart, these study strategies can help:


Number Smart (logical-mathematical Intelligence) – Are you good with numbers, equations, and logic? Number smart people enjoy coming up with solutions to logical problems and figuring things out. If you’re number smart, give these strategies a try:

Picture Smart (Spatial Intelligence) – Picture smart people are good with art and design. They enjoy being creative, watching movies, and visiting art museums. Picture smart people can benefit from these study tips:

Body Smart (Kinesthetic Intelligence) – Body smart people have good motor skills and they work well with their hands. They learn best through movement and experimentation, such as drama, games, activity, role plays etc. These study strategies can help body smart students be successful:

Music Smart (Musical Intelligence) – Music smart people are good with rhythms and beats. They enjoy listening to cds, attending concerts, and creating songs. If you’re music smart, these activities can help you study:

People Smart (Interpersonal Intelligence) – Those who are people smart are good with relating to people. They enjoy going to parties, visiting friends, and sharing what they learn. People smart students should give these strategies a try:

Self Smart (Intrapersonal Intelligence) – Self smart people are comfortable with themselves. They enjoy being alone to think and reflect. If you’re self smart, try these tips: