First-year Experience

Academic Registry

Visit the Academic Registry Student Page for information on our prospectuses, examination and registration schedules, useful notices and application forms.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the commitment to and demonstration of honest and moral behavior in academic work.  Students at PolyU are expected to uphold academic integrity and do their academic work in an honest and ethical manner, following the conventions and code of practice of their chosen discipline or profession. Various resources are available to provide a fair and honest learning environment which encourages you to maintain high standards of academic integrity.

Student Handbook
The Student Handbook covers information on academic integrity, student conducts and discipline.  To ensure that you stay clear from dishonest behaviours, find out how to maintain academic integrity and the consequences of dishonest behaviours from the following sections in the Handbook: Academic Studies in the Regulations and Rules section, and Appendix 3 Plagiarism.

Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity
The Tutorial helps students understand what academic integrity means, what constitutes plagiarism and ways to avoid it.  It also provides essential information and study skills that students need for their academic study. You may be required or encouraged to complete the Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity within your first year of study at PolyU. 

For more information, please refer to Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity: A Student Guide.  

Resources on avoiding plagiarism

The booklet About Plagiarism and How to Avoid it: Hot Tips for PolyU Students serves as a quick guide to help you understand more about plagiarism and learn how to use sources properly in your work.  It also provides useful information on resources and help on avoiding plagiarism.  This handy booklet can be accessed at https://www.polyu.edu.hk/ogur/images/Plagiarism_Booklet_2020.pdf

You can also obtain more information about using sources and referencing styles from the following web page of the Centre for Independent Language Learning, English Language Centre of this University: https://elc.polyu.edu.hk/CILL/reference.aspx

EndNote and other Reference Management Tools  
EndNote is a widely used reference management tool to help you collect, organize, and share your references and is especially useful in letting you effortlessly insert in-text citations and format end of paper bibliographies for your research paper. There are also other similar tools that you can use depending on your needs. More details here:https://libguides.lb.polyu.edu.hk/ref-mgt-tools

Plagiarism detection tools  
PolyU provides licenced use of the plagiarism prevention and detection tools Turnitin and SafeAssign on LEARN@PolyU (理學網).  For more information about these two systems, visit http://turnitin.com/ and https://safeassign.blackboard.com/

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Studies to learn more about the 4-year Curriculum, the General University Requirements (GUR), academic advising and more.


Faculties, Schools and Departments

For detailed information and contacts of our 6 faculties, 2 schools and departments, click here.


Pao Yue-Kong Library

As a “learning hub” of PolyU, our library offers a vast physical and digital collection of study materials and provides diverse study spaces like study carrels and group discussion rooms to meet your learning needs. Come experience and try out new technologies in i-Space or grab a cup of freshly-brewed coffee from the Libcafe! Here’s a guide to introduce the top things every new student should know about the Library!