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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Degree in Electronic and Information Engineering


Student and Graduate Stories

2022-11 Ku Wing FungStudying the Bachelor of Science in Internet and Multimedia Technologies programme gave me a solid foundation in computer science and multimedia processing. The solid foundation has enabled me to delve into complex systems and think critically.

The EIE Department provided many opportunities to let students apply theory to practice beyond the classrooms. I am glad that I was involved in RoboCon and VR contests during my study, in which I acquired technical skills and developed the mindset of a professional engineer. The academic environment also raised my interest in research. I was lucky to work with Dr. Bonnie Law, Programme Leader of BSc in IMT, in the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS) programme to learn about the creation of knowledge. In addition, I also had an opportunity to be a research assistant and contribute in Prof. Wan-Chi Siu's research group during my study gap year. These experiences were precious and helped me to develop my interest in Computer Vision. I am now well prepared to pursue the master's program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I firmly believe that my four-year study in this undergraduate programme has given me a head start on my career.


2022 CHENG Wai Kiu

It’s been an honour to graduate from the Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE)* degree programme. The invaluable lessons I learned from all the professors, instructors and tutors greatly benefited me, as did the all-rounded facilities and support of the department.

An integrated project in the curriculum provided us with an opportunity to learn electronics. I had a chance to assemble a robotic car and programme it to track a line and complete various tasks. This project equipped me with solid knowledge of electronic components, embedded systems and programming skills.

It is very exciting to reach the final year, when a range of elective subjects are available. These include topics like computer vision, cloud computing and network security, which are highly related to modern technologies like AI, AWS and TLS, to name a few.

In addition to the technical foundations that this course provided, I had the opportunity to collaborate with talents from other fields. For example, my multidisciplinary manufacturing project required students from different fields to work collaboratively, and my multidisciplinary final-year project required students from different fields to work collaboratively on a larger-scale and more challenging project.

With the technical knowledge gained and all-rounded training received from EIE, I feel well-prepared to face the era of the metaverse.


* Former programme title of BEng(Hons) in Electronic Systems and Internet-of-Things

KWONG Ngai Wing, Titan - 2019 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the EIE Department, PolyU

Studying in the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE) programme has increased and widened my knowledge in EIE. The Major subjects have strengthened my knowledge about electricity and programming. Also, the  elective subjects are categorized into 4 major areas, namely “Circuits and Systems”, “Telecommunication and Mobile”, “Information Security” and “Information Technology and Multimedia”. Students can choose to study elective subjects from any of these areas to uncover their interests and develop their talents. Besides, the EIE Department provides many space and opportunities for students to practice our skills and enrich our learning experience. For example, I joined the One-year Internship Scheme arranged by the EIE Department and worked in an RFID company as a student intern participating in a research project. These experience has trained up my technical skills and broadened my horizon. It has also deepened my interest to pursue further study and become a research student. Now, I am very grateful that I have become a Ph.D. research student and continue my life-long study in the EIE profession.

LIU Tianyi - 2019 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in University of Toronto

liu-tianyi_insideStudying at PolyU has been an unforgettable experience in my life. I had valuable opportunities to acquire a wide range of knowledge in the field of Electronic & Information Engineering together with practical hands-on experience. The professors in the EIE Department and PolyU could deliver lectures and classes in an effective and systematic manner, which has helped me to understand the field comprehensively and explore the field more in-depth. Aside from study, PolyU also offered me various learning opportunities during my undergraduate study, including the Work-Integrated Education, Service-Learning, and academic exchange, during which I could apply and implement the skills I had learned from the BEng in EIE programme.

After my graduation, I am going to attend graduate school at the University of Toronto for a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering focusing on computational genomics. I firmly believe that the undergraduate degree study at PolyU EIE Department has equipped me with the essential knowledge and experience, and most importantly, provided me with a solid foundation for my future study and research.

LIU Qihong - 2019 Graduate of the BSc(Hons) in Internet and Multimedia Technologies degree programme, currently a Software Engineer in J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

I graduated from the BSc (Hons) Internet and Multimedia Technologies programme with a minor study in Enterprise Computing in 2019. In the 4-year curriculum of both my major and minor studies, I have acquired fundamental knowledge in different fields such as information technology, multimedia communications, computer networks, as well as management information systems, which have well prepared me for the future work.

In addition, I was glad to have the opportunity to study in Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany under an academic exchange programme for one semester in 2018, and experience the study and living atmosphere in Europe. During the exchange programme, I met friends from all over the world and enhanced both my English and German language proficiency.

I am now working as a Software Engineer in J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. meanwhile pursuing a master’s degree in Big Data Technology in the HKUST. I can leverage the solid programming skills I developed in PolyU and easily apply them to my job after graduation.

ZHAO Dapeng, Eagle - 2018 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Robotics in Carnegie Mellon University

Making a positive difference in society drives me to the pursuit of the Master’s Degree in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I am on the way to achieving this as I was featured in an IBM video showcasing groundbreaking research and innovative applications being developed at the Research Institute (RI) of CMU which changes the way the visually impaired experience the world.

The EIE Department provides me a lot of opportunities in acquiring professional knowledge and technical skills, for example, PolyU Robocon Team and summer research abroad. I have gained valuable experience in joining the summer internship programme, Robocon Hong Kong Contests and Robotics Institute Summer Scholars (RISS) programme in CMU. During RISS programme, I contributed as a research assistant and worked closely with an extraordinary group of leaders in the field, including Dr. Red Whittaker and Dr. John M. Dolan. They embarked on a project that focused on the development of a precise localization method designed for in-pipe radiation measurement robots.

With the solid grasp of professional knowledge gained from studying the BEng in EIE programme at PolyU, I am well prepared for pursuing the Master of Science in Robotics at CMU and doing research at the lab of IBM Distinguished Service Professor Chieko Asakawa under CMU RI.

KONG Chun Ho, Hopkin - 2018 Graduate of the BSc(Hons) in Information Security degree programme, currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy degree in the EIE Department and working as a Research Assistant in the Department of Computing at PolyU

As one of the first graduates of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Security (INS) who pursues further studies in PolyU after graduation, I am grateful for being equipped with abundant knowledge and skills through studying for the INS degree. The INS programme did not only allow us to have an understanding on various Information Security topics, for example, Forensics, Cryptography, Penetration Testing, etc., but also provided resources, like the Information Security Laboratory with state-of-the-art Information Security hardware and software including firewalls and network switches, for students to perform real-life intrusion simulations.

These knowledge and skills have not just facilitated my path to research new security technologies in my Master of Philosophy (MPhil) study, but also enabled me to make contributions to current students of the programme by teaching them with novel teaching methodologies. The image above is exactly an example. It was taken in an event during which I gave a talk to Information Security industry members on the topic of “PolyU Teachings on the Internet of Things (IoT) Security” using our newly developed IoT Penetration Testing Kit offered in our courses.

HANSEN Kevin – Year 3 student of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme

I think electronic and information engineering plays an important role in the sector of ICT (information and communication technology) and BEng in EIE programme defi­nitely prepares us well to make contributions to the real-world engineering and tech­nology. After participating in the Indonesia National Science Olympiad in junior high school, I have been fascinated by Physics, particularly in electricity. As I am interested in the area of wireless communication, especially the radio frequency (RF) communi­cation, I would love to try to program the microcontrollers, for example, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and design my own PCB board. I am glad that GCEAL strengthened my knowledge in Mathematics and Physics, which has paved the way for me to study BEng in EIE programme. Through the exchange programme and summer intern­ship, I could enrich my university life and gain the industry knowledge. I hope that after graduation my profession would make contribution for the benefit of mankind.

NAVEED Kaleb Ben – Year 1 student of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme

I am interested in ICT (information and communication technology), and EIE offers me training in both the hardware and software aspects of electronic engineering which enables me to pursue my dream. It also provides me more options in choosing my future career as I can decide whether to specialize in hardware or software according to my own interest. I truly enjoy my learning here at the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE). The professors are extremely knowledgeable and the classes are intellectually stimulating. I find that the BEng in EIE programme has a very logical structure and it truly enables me to develop my knowledge and skills in a step-by-step manner. I also find that it is easy for me to plan and work towards my interest­ed stream of study since the courses offered are really well connected and yet pro­vide me with lots of flexibility. I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who is interested in ICT and is looking to develop a professional career in this field.

TANAYA Jerrycho – Year 1 student of the BSc (Hons) in Internet and Multimedia Technologies

I believe that I would have a fruitful university life being an IMT student and an excellent career prospect being an IMT graduate. Studying in BSc in IMT pro­gramme would provide me a lot of opportunities to develop my talents and widen my horizons, for example, taking minor programme in marketing and participating in various student societies and associations. As the multimedia signal process­ing and design parts in the IMT curriculum interest me most, I would like to learn these professional knowledge and skills in my study, and apply them in my future career. Subjects I studied for International Baccalaureate (IB), “Mathematics High­er Level” and “Physics Higher Level” in particular, prepared me well for studying the advanced and discipline-specific subjects in the IMT programme. Both IB and IMT curricula train me to become an independent learner and critical thinker, en­abling me to work efficiently and contribute more to society after graduation.

Chow Tsz Ching - 2017 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently a Graduate Trainee of PCCW-HKT Limited

The EIE programme in PolyU is very resourceful. I have acquired in-depth insights on both practical trainings and academic studies that strengthened my mind. I had a pleasant time in classes which were interactive and memorable between teachers and students. We have had delightful time learning together and sharing knowledge. I have met lots of first-rate instructors and professors and I could always get help from them. The professors I met in EIE programme are very competent and inspirational.

After graduation, I am now working in one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Hong Kong. Without a doubt, the knowledge that I have learnt in PolyU is applicable and hence the majority of them are integral and imperative for my career.

BA Yunhao - 2017 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, pursuing a master degree at University of California, Los Angeles.

When I first stepped into the campus of PolyU, I only vaguely remembered it was a group of buildings with red bricks at that time. But after four years of study, things happened inside these buildings become unforgettable. Undergraduate study in EIE laid a concrete groundwork for me in the field of Electronic and Information Engineering in multiple disciplines, such as video and image processing, embedded system programming and communication technologies. Industrial center training and copious projects consolidated my sense of cooperation and the ability to solve practical conundrums by acquiring and applying knowledge. More importantly, beyond learned knowledge, it has also imparted me a way to develop the competence in systematic learning and critical thinking to me. After graduation in 2017, I came to University of California, Los Angeles for my master degree, and all these skills and knowledge I learned in PolyU have played a critical role in my further study and benefited me a lot. Learning at PolyU was a great experience, and it became even better for being a member of the EIE Department.

Wong Kwan Ho, Marco – 2017 BSc (Hons) in Internet and Multimedia Technologies, Minor in Marketing Graduate, pursuing a Master Degree in IT Education in The University of Hong Kong

IMT programme is a very practical discipline which aims to prepare graduate to work in the IT industry. The curriculum encompasses many aspects, e.g. programming, animation design, computer network and even management and economic study. After completing the IMT programme, I am able to integrate some necessary knowledge into functioning as an IT professional, to think critically, to collaborate with others effectively, to communicate with peers and to implement creative and innovative practices, which are regarded as the key skills in the 21st century digital world.

My current master study in The University of Hong Kong involves the use of multimedia technologies to educate students. For instance, it involves utilizing animation, video, graphics to arouse students’ interests in learning. I believe what I have learnt in the IMT programme would definitely be useful for my current study.

Last but not least, to prospective students, IMT is a great programme if you like IT; to current students, work hard and your efforts will finally pay off!

Yuen Chun Ming, Nelson – 2017 Graduate of the BSc(Hons) in Information Security degree programme, currently a NOC Engineer of HKT

I am pleased to be among the first batch of graduates of the BSc(Hons) in Information Security degree programme. Through this programme, I have learnt a lot of useful knowledge and skills in different areas of information security such as network security, digital forensic, encryption, database, operation system and so on. Now I have high awareness of security threats of systems and understand how to prevent them.

This degree programme is very practical which provides opportunities for students to apply and demonstrate security technique. For example, the integrated project lets us build a social website like Instagram which puts strong emphasis on information security.

EIE Department has set up an information security laboratory to facilitate our learning. The laboratory includes PCs and servers with strong capacity and therefore we do not need to worry about the power of the hardware when we perform some attack and defense deployments such as DDoS attacks.

羅仲賢 - 資訊安全(榮譽)理學士學位畢業生



Wong Chun Yeung, Kevin - 2014 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently a Graduate Trainee of PCCW-HKT Limited

I am a 2014 graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme and I joined PCCW-HKT Limited as Graduate Trainee in July 2014. It is a well-known telecommunication company specializes in broadband and mobile services in Hong Kong.

I worked in the Network Planning and Operations Section of Engineering Department right after I joined the company. As a Graduate Trainee, I will have opportunities to rotate to different roles to learn and participate in network planning and operation processes. I am currently working in the Mobile Operation Support Team to assist in some daily operation and main projects.

To work in telecommunication industry, having some prior knowledge of communication, networking and programming will be an advantage. I am glad that I could acquire these knowledge during my study at PolyU which are broader in range when compared with other universities, and the skills I learnt throughout projects and laboratory exercises helped train up my problem-solving, logical and critical thinking and time management skills, which are very essential to work.

My one-year Industry-based training as Student Programmer in MTR Corporation Limited was a very good experience to me as I gained an understanding of the operation flow of a company by participating in the system development cycle of various systems. This experience has prepared me well to meet with the requirements of my current job.

CHU Kai Fung - 2013 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently a Project Engineer of Electronic Theatre Controls Asia Limited

After my graduation from PolyU, I started my career as a Project Engineer in Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Asia Limited. This company specializes in the design and manufacture of entertainment and architectural lighting systems.  As a Project Engineer, my main responsibility is to ensure smooth running of different projects, which in turn requires me to apply my technical knowledge in lighting systems and their related products.

In order to fulfill my job duty, technical knowledge of networking, communication, programming, electronics and electricity are required. Other abilities such as problem solving, time management, logical and critical thinking are also important. I am glad that I have acquired all these knowledge and abilities during my study in PolyU through course work, laboratory exercises and mini-projects. I am satisfied with my study life in PolyU, which has turned out to be fruitful, meaningful, and full of knowledge and challenges.

Now that I have already started my career for some time, I begin to realize that I cannot just use what I learned in university for the rest of my career. Things are changing fast especially in the engineering field. Continuous learning is our only choice to survive in this fast-changing environment. I am confident to learn new things and meet new challenges because I have been well-trained in the past few years in PolyU!

LI Ching Fung, Fion - 2011 Graduate of the BSc (Hons) Major in Internet and Multimedia Technologies Degree Programme, currently an Analyst Programmer of Wellcome (A Company of The Dairy Farm Group)

After graduating from university, I worked a year in the Environmental Campaign Committee as a Project Coordinator. I was responsible for planning and implementation of environmental activities such as Hong Kong Green School Award, seminars and school visits.

In August 2012, I joined Dairy Farm as a Graduate Trainee in the Information Technology department. Throughout the one-year programme, I rotated among different teams within the IT department, such as the development, the business and the infrastructure teams. After the rotation, I first worked as a Business Analyst in 7-Eleven and now working as an Analyst Programmer in Wellcome. It is challenging to work in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry which keeps changing and transforming every day. I have gained great job satisfaction and knowledge from my career.

The BSc IMT degree programme which I graduated from has equipped me the necessary technical knowledge and skills and given me chances to broaden my horizons. During my university studies, one of the most valuable experiences is joining the overseas student exchange programme. I studied Computer Science at the Seoul National University in South Korea for a semester. The best thing of exchange is that I was able to travel around and explore the city during weekends and holidays. It was a fruitful journey for me as I had experienced the Korean cultures and made friends with people from different parts of the world.

In order to gain working experience before graduation, I had joined the one-year Industry-based training and worked as an IT student intern in HSBC. I was given opportunities to strengthen my technical skills and gain better understanding of the business and operation flow by taking the development and supporting role of a trading system. This valuable experience had prepared me well to pursue my career in IT.

QIU Jianfeng - 2011 graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, pursuing postgraduate study at University of Toronto

Canada is a global hub for healthcare innovations. I am delighted to receive a research scholarship for reading my master degree specialized in Biomedical Engineering at University of Toronto, and very much honoured to further receive the Loo Geok Eng Scholarship and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship in 2013 which support my study and living in Canada. Here we are constantly challenged by problems traversing the continuum of care, from prevention through palliation.  With electronics background, I currently research on the interface of engineering and medicine, and collaborate with physician, dentist and occupational therapist to develop technologies much needed in the healthcare domain.  I am expecting more excitement to come along as I proceed.

The skills and knowledge I accumulated from my undergraduate at PolyU proved to be valuable for my postgraduate study. The half-year exchange programme to the Netherlands fostered my multicultural appreciation, which helps me in adapting to the new international research environment quickly. Moreover, the Final Year Project on VANET modeling equipped me with research experience, where the critical thinking, independent learning and problem solving became my asset for my graduate study.  At the end of my FYP, my result was published and I had an opportunity to present my paper in an international conference held in Sydney.  The EIE department is a piece of fertile land, where ones harvest as they sow.

After graduation, I plan to devote my career in R&D of electronics healthcare technology. By deploying ubiquitous point-of-care, I will strive to enable convenient access to the healthcare service and make a positive impact on people’s everyday life.

THIAN Niin Mun, Sarah - 2011 Graduate of the BSc (Hons) Major in Internet and Multimedia Technologies Degree Programme, currently a Digital Marketing Manager of Apptask Limited

Working experience has been great for me. I am now working in a mobile solution company named Apptask Limited ( as a Digital Marketing Manager, which I am responsible for corporate website, social accounts and online marketing. Digital marketing is a rather new category in the industry. I would say it is a type of job that combines both technical and marketing knowledge. My study in PolyU has appropriately equipped me with both knowledge, especially on understanding the market and designing comprehensive e-marketing materials. Since the world is changing rapidly, being all-rounded is quite important to stay competitive, no matter for a job or for your own business in the future.

LAM Hok Chung, Jani - 2010 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently an IT Consultant Trainee of Orbit Consultancy Services

Studying at university is like writing a new chapter of one’s life.  It is important that you fill this chapter with meaningful days and getting yourself prepared for the coming chapters.  At EIE, there are projects that allow us to apply the knowledge we have learnt, study tours that broaden our horizon and internship opportunities that sharpen our practical skills.  My university chapter is composed of the valuable experience and precious moments I had at EIE. It means so much to me and is a great treasure of my life.

My chapter of university life was full of colours.  I have learnt and grown up during my 3-year study at EIE.  It is an invaluable learning experience which made me ready to turn a new chapter and face the real challenges in life after graduation.  I am currently working as an IT consultant trainee for Orbit Consultancy Services which provides consultancy service on Oracle PeopleSoft HCM system development and integration.  The career offers me a great challenge and I am so glad that the communication and technical skills I learnt at PolyU have prepared me well to meet with it. 

 LIN Xi, Victoria - 2010 graduate of the BEng (Hons) Major in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, pursuing a doctoral degree of Computer Science at University of Washington after completing MSc study at University of Oxford

I settled upon University of Oxford to pursue a MSc in Computer Science degree immediately after my graduation from PolyU in summer 2010. Oxford is a very diverse place with both scientific strength and rich cultural heritage, and studying there grants me far more than just the knowledge in my own area. Most importantly, it is the intense and diverse learning atmosphere that I have experienced in my undergraduate study that makes me able to walk far and keep on exploring new stuff. I established natural language processing as my research direction and finished the thesis "Fine-grained Named Entity Classification in Machine Reading" (supervised by Prof. Stephen Pulman), which proposed a design of the initial stage for large-scale information extraction system.

After graduation from Oxford, I went to University of Pennsylvania to pursue doctoral study, where I focused on solving natural language processing problems with machine learning techniques, specifically graphical models. I transferred to University of Washington, Seattle in summer 2013 following the job change of my PhD advisor. Moving into new places and meeting new people never stop giving me surprises, which is the great blessing to me on the road of doing good scientific research.

WANG Ming - 2010 graduate of the BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently working in NVIDIA as a System Software Engineer in Silicon Valley

The ability in real world practice and application is exactly what high education of Engineering in the US, especially graduate study, hopes to cultivate.  Lectures without predefined scope, open-ended question and problems of various solutions.  You may need to pick and learn certain new programming language or mathematical model among others to finish a mini-project. This is the situation I am facing everyday ever since started my career as a Robotic Software Engineer in RoboteX in Silicon Valley, and it remains the same for my current position as a System Software Engineer in NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies.

"To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind", the PolyU’s motto never fades. Besides efforts towards lectures, the student activities and programmes offered by EIE have prepared me well in my graduate study on MSc in Computer Engineering degree at Columbia University and my career afterwards.  Good examples would be sandwich programme, IC training, local/oversea internship programme and final year project which really helped expose you to the real world.

Cho Lok Hin, Stephen - 2009 graduate of the BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, 2014 graduate of the PhD in Electronic and Information Engineering programme at EIE, PolyU

I have studied in the EIE Department for more than 8 years, started as a Higher Diploma student, proceeded to the Bachelor of Engineering degree programme, and completed the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) study a few months ago. Within these years of study, I have the experiences of joining a Japan study tour, working in a German university during the second year’s summer term of the Bachelor’s Degree programme, and visiting an academic conference in Canada. Such opportunities have broadened my horizon. The PhD study is very different from my previous Bachelor’s Degree study. During the PhD study, in addition to receiving knowledge, I have created and published a lot of new stuff. With the support of members of the research team and my supervisor, I was able to publish a few papers to different international organizations and conferences.

Now, my academic and research studies in the university has come to an end and I am looking for a new life in the industrial world. My studies have prepared me well with engineering skills as well as interpersonal, writing and language skills. I believe such skills will benefit my future career development a lot.

TSUI Chi Lok, Jason - 2009 Graduate of the BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering degree programme, currently an Engineer (IC Design Group) of Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI)

I graduated from the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic and Information Engineering Degree Programme (EIE) in 2009 and attained the Master Degree of Science in 2013. The programme covers all-rounded practical training in hardware and software, which has equipped me well after graduation as an Engineer in Integrated Circuit Design at Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI). My current work mainly focuses on the hardware circuit design, software implementation, verification and simulation on the system, which are knowledge-intensive and demands a strong sense of innovation and good problem-solving skills.

Studying at the undergraduate programme of EIE has made my dream come true to be an engineer and allowed me to pursue my career in the engineering profession.  Through participating in the extra-curricular activities, such as EIE Dragon Boat Team and EIE Guitar Band, I have widened my horizon and become a more mature person.  I felt happy and am lucky.  I have a strong sense of belongings to EIE and I am proud of being one of the EIE family!

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