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Sharing from EIE Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme students


Miss QU Jiaqi

Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme 2020/21

image.jpegAs a world-renowned international city, Hong Kong brings together a variety of styles: not only the urban scenery with tall buildings lined up but also the mountainous landscape with winding paths; not only the trendsetting fashion culture but also the traditional customs that have held on for centuries. The interplay of natural and humanistic qualities constitutes the unique city charm of Hong Kong. Living in Hong Kong is a brilliant experience for me, and I am genuinely grateful for the precious opportunity that HKPFS has provided me with.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is in the heart of Hong Kong. Out of the crowded subway station, there is the red-colored landmark building of PolyU. I enjoy the campus as it is beautiful and worth exploring. For my research, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my supervisor and the EIE Department. I have been provided with sufficient research funding support and various excellent courses, from which I have benefitted a lot. I believe I will never regret my choice to study at PolyU.

Miss XIAO Yaxin

Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme 2020/21

XIAO Yaxin photoI have been living in Hong Kong for a year and have been very well looked after by the University. Despite the fact that life has been greatly affected by the epidemic this year, it has been very convenient for me to live in Hong Kong. Apart from this, I have had many unique experiences. I went on many group trips with my friends, such as climbing mountains, going squid fishing and snorkelling. Hong Kong is a highly developed city and living in Hong Kong is a unique experience.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a top international university with very good academic atmosphere and rich academic resources. I quickly got into the swing of research life at PolyU and my supervisors and seniors are very helpful. Within a year's time, my academic research has progressed from an introduction to a full piece of work. To enhance students' research, writing and presentation skills, EIE Department has arranged a reasonable series of courses. Apart from research, I have gained a lot of insight into writing and presentation. I feel very fortunate to have had this study experience.


Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2018/19

Hong Kong is a gorgeous and lively city. Living in Hong Kong has given me a precious experience to taste an interesting mixture of diverse cultures. More importantly, Hong Kong has a competitive yet friendly academic community. Studying in Hong Kong provides me with a wide array of opportunities to exchange ideas with worldwide scholars face to face.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a world-class university that always offers advanced facilities to research students to implement their ideas. EIE is a friendly yet academically challenging department in PolyU. I deeply appreciate the support and guidance from my supervisors and colleagues. The excellent research environment here always inspires me to make great progress in my research study. I think pursuing my PhD study at the EIE department of PolyU was the best decision I have ever made.

Mr LU Jianing

Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2018/19

Hong Kong is the most fantastic city I have ever lived in. The world-renowned vibrant, multicultural and metropolitan lifestyle of Hong Kong provide me with a unique life experience unparalleled to anywhere else on the planet. The delicious food and beautiful outdoor views really shock me. As a Chinese student, the strong atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture makes Hong Kong just like home for me. For all students here, they can find a suitable and exciting lifestyle which will keep coming back to their mind anytime in the future.

PolyU provides world-class research and study facilities for research students. Meanwhile, I have many opportunities to attend world-wide academic conference, in which I can exchange my research progress with researchers all over the world. The most important thing, I really appreciate my supervisor, as well as our friendly and conscientious staff in EIE department, who always give me guidance and help both on my study and life. I believe I will always be thankful to my PhD study period in Hong Kong PolyU.

Miss HUANG Dongmei

Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2017/18

huang dongmeiHong Kong is a region where you can enjoy Chinese traditional culture and Western customs. It is also a young and lively city which will constantly give you the newest information and novel ideas. The HKPFS gives me the precious opportunity to live and study in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers the international research environment as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with professors and students from all over the world. The availability of state-of-the-art research centers and facilities make it easy for you to conduct experiment and implement your research idea. Besides, the HKPFS and PolyU also provide you with funding support to attend international conferences to exchange your research results. The staff and students in my department (EIE) are extremely friendly. EIE has organizes diverse activities for us to enjoy the daily life at PolyU and we can feel it is a real “family”.

Hence, I believe choosing Hong Kong for my PhD study is one of the wise decisions that I have ever made.

Miss YAN Yaxi

Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2017/18

yan yaxiHong Kong is a world-famous city. Living in Hong Kong gives one a great opportunity to experience both eastern and western culture. For foreign students here, they can watch the lion dance and the lantern show to know more about the Chinese culture whereas the students from the Mainland can join passionate Christmas carnivals to celebrate Christmas! Hiking is also very popular in Hong Kong. You can call upon some friends at weekends to do hiking and enjoy the beautiful scene.

Life in HK PolyU is also colorful and fantastic. I really appreciate the time and effort my supervisor and peer students spent on guiding and helping me whenever I encounter problems in my research study. The good study environment at PolyU has also inspired and motivated me to make good progress. Our study life is also enriched through various extra-curricular activities offered regularly to the students in the campus.

I love Hong Kong. It is a city full of miracles and energy!

Mr MORRIS, Zakayo Ndiku

Country of Origin: Kenya

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2016/17

morris zakayoThe prestigious HKPFS is a life time opportunity that any student should desire, the associated funding creates a conducive environment for scholars to unleash their full potential.  Thanks to HKPFS, through its support I found my way to Hong Kong and precisely at PolyU, a wonderful place to be.

It has been only one year in PolyU but I can attest that my academic and social life has been positively transformed.  The adequate resources including the 24-hour world-class library, extra-ordinary guidance and support from my chief supervisor have all shaped my research experience.

My department (EIE) and PolyU in general has the best and yet VERY friendly staff, this makes it easy for international students to adapt Hong Kong life, it is a “family” away from home.  PolyU is indeed a hub for academic excellence.


Country of Origin: Russia

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2015/16

melnikov alexHong Kong is the unique Asia’s world city, having more world-class universities (per unit area) than any other city in the world. This pool of highly renowned tertiary institutions, offering the ultramodern research facilities and ability to learn from the brightest minds in the scientific world, makes this city the true capital of science.

The fact that research activities in Hong Kong receives an extensive support from the both governmental and non-statutory sources, is a clear evidence of the broad provision, given by the society, for the universities in their focus on knowledge-creation and quality of life enhancement.

This extensive care provided to the science and research, the unique opportunity to take part in intense competition for prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship award as well as the chance to grasp a rare opportunity to study in such a vibrant place, where just one step lies between the academic research and the real-life applications, were among the most important factors affected my choice in favour of Hong Kong as a place for my PhD studies… and, in fact, I’ve never had a chance to regret my choice.

Mr XUE, Tianbo

Country of Origin: China

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2015/16

 xue tianboHong Kong is a lively cosmopolitan city with diverse cultures. Living in Hong Kong is an amazing experience. I can always enjoy the comfortable sea wind and fantastic views of the Hong Kong skyline along the Victoria Harbour. There are many world-class universities, internationally renowned scholars and well-developed research network in Hong Kong. I am thankful to HKPFS for providing me the precious opportunity to live comfortably and focus on my research.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers an international environment that every research student looks forward to. The department is equipped with everything I need for my academic research and encourages me to make the best use of the resources. My supervisor holds regular meetings with me every week with an aim to improving my research and technical skills. All professors and staff here are very nice and they make me feel at home. Besides, I have the opportunity to attend international conferences with HKPFS and PolyU’s support.

As for experiencing Hong Kong, there are many hiking trails, beautiful beaches and small islands to explore. I can easily get around the city conveniently due to the efficient and extensive public transportation network.

Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating and exciting places for both study and living. I believe choosing PolyU for my PhD is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.

Mr KITAVI, Dominic Makaa

Country of Origin: Kenya

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2014/15

kitavi dominicStudying in Hong Kong has given me a wide experience in my both academic and social life. The cosmopolitan region has provided me with an opportunity to interact with people from all-over the world, and I have learnt a lot from the different cultures. The environment is friendly, and the security status of the region is commendable. On the academic life, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University provided the greatest support which any researcher would need: the well-equipped library, the high subscription to journals, the availability of highly qualified staff, and the great financial support in research; provided me with a very ample opportunity to do research, and to successfully complete my PhD in a reasonably good time.

Mr AZAD, Abul-kalam

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Awardee of the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme 2012/13

azad abul kalamAs a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong welcomes people from different diversity irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity and culture. The diversity of food and culture, natural beauty of islands and beaches, and hospitality of local people attract tourists towards this lively city. Education system of Hong Kong is one of the best in the world. Including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, five out of eight universities in Hong Kong are in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings. The competitive scholarships such as Hong Kong PhD fellowship, education quality and research facilities attract students to Hong Kong from every corner of the world.


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