Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

A Life-long Learning Opportunity for EIE Alumni with Sponsorship

Graduates of the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE) are now given a very good opportunity for continuing education at the EIE Department with flexibility and sponsorship.  If you intend to pursue further education but do not wish to register as a candidate for the MSc award, you may consider registering as a subject-based student and take any MSc subjects at your own choice.  With this subject-based enrolment, you will have the flexibility in enrolling in the MSc subjects according to your schedule and interest.

To encourage our graduates to engage in life-long learning, the EIE Department has established the "Alumni Sponsorship Scheme". Under the scheme, EIE graduates enrolling as subject-based students will each be offered a sponsorship with half fee back for not more than one MSc subject each academic year.  Graduates are expected to pay the standard rate for registration, and the sponsorship amount will be disbursed to eligible students after enrolment.  Moreover, credit transfer for those MSc subjects successfully completed on the subject basis is possible within the validity period of the credits earned when you study the full MSc Programme at a later time.  For more details on the subject-based enrolment, please click here for information.

It is the right time for you to plan for yourselves some professional training after having graduated from your previous study for some years for continuous self-improvement.  You may wish to note that the number of subject-based students can be admitted per class is limited (should not exceed 25% of the total class enrolment) and the Department will cease to admit subject-based students as long as the percentage is reached.  Therefore, interested graduates should submit your applications soon.

To apply, please complete the application forms "Admission of Subject-Based Students" (AR137) and "EIE Alimni Sponsorship Scheme" and return the forms to the EIE Department at the following address before the application deadline of the MSc Programme.  For more information of the MSc Programme, please click here.


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