Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

2nd Runner Up Certificate 

The IEEE Macau Industrial Electronics Society (IES) Chapter organized the Postgraduate Paper Contest 2020 for the Hong Kong and Macau postgraduate students to promote the advanced power and electronics technologies for smart city. Our PhD student, Liu Ying, won the Second Runner-up in this contest with the research paper “A Study on the Safety of Inductive Power Transfer System for Kitchen Appliances”. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the safety of human body in the electromagnetic field generated by the inductive power transfer (IPT) system, which is designed for kitchen appliances. Comparisons of the basic and reference limit values of various safety standards are investigated through theoretical circuit analysis and extensive simulation studies. Simulation models of human body together with an IPT system for kitchen appliances are established to reveal the effect of electromagnetic field on the human body. Corresponding experiments are carried out through establishing a prototype of designed IPT system and simulating the human standing position. The measured results are consistent with the theoretical results.


YingLiu MacauIES2020