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mobile edge

The paper “A survey on mobile edge computing: The communication perspective” coauthored by Dr Yuyi Mao, Dr Jun Zhang and other collaborators from The University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has received the 2021 IEEE Communications Society Best Survey Paper Award. This award is given to papers published in any journal owned exclusively by the IEEE Communications Society in the past five years. The winning paper was published in the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials journal (impact factor: 23.7) in 2017. It provides a comprehensive survey of the state-of-the-art mobile edge computing (MEC) research with a focus on joint radio-and-computational resource management. The paper also discusses a set of issues, challenges, and future research directions for MEC research, including MEC system deployment, cache-enabled MEC, mobility management for MEC, green MEC, as well as privacy-aware MEC. This paper, including its Arxiv preprint, has received more than 2000 citations according to Google Scholar, and it has become a classic reference on MEC.