Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

Supervised by Prof. Changyuan Yu, a research team comprised of Mr Jianxun Yu (MSc in EIE student), Ms Shuyang Chen (PhD student), Dr Fengze Tan (PhD graduate), Ms Jiaqi Qu (PhD student) and Mr Weimin Lyu (MSc in EIE graduate) attained the First Prize in the 6th IoT Technology and Application 3S Competition for University Students in China. The competition was hosted by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Chinese Institute of Communications in Nanjing in December 2020. It aims to encourage innovation and development of Smart Service System (3S) in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and communications. The winning project “Smart Health Monitoring System for Automobile Drivers Based on Optical Fiber Interference Sensing” developed an optical fiber interferometer for embedding in car seat cushions. This system can monitor the real-time heart and respiration rates of drivers in a contactless and non-invasive way in order to avoid traffic accidents caused by drivers with health issues.


Yu IoT Technology and Application 3S Competition