Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

Mr Gary Leung, our EngD student, won the Gold Medal together with Dr Daniel Lun and Dr Ivan Ho for the invention “Dolphin – Effective Indoor Positioning Service” in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva which held was online in March 2021. The exhibition is a major global event devoted exclusively to inventions. “Dolphin” uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and mobile phones with a location algorithm and a co-operative positioning algorithm developed by PolyU to provide indoor positioning and navigation. The present technologies for location tracking include the use of BLE, Wi-Fi or magnetic field together with positioning algorithms to determine target node positions in indoor environments. However, due to different limitations in some technologies and effectiveness of the algorithms employed, the performance is not good in terms of location accuracy and user experience. The aim of the winning invention is to provide a cost-effective Indoor Positioning System (IPS) solution to event organizers and visitors with unique features, like improving positioning accuracy in areas with insufficient beacon signal, in various indoor sites such as exhibition centers, shopping malls, universities, smart cities, hotels, car parks and theme parks, etc.