Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

The Excellent Teachers on Teaching Excellence Symposium 2021 organized by the Educational Development Centre of PolyU under the auspices of the Learning and Teaching Committee will be held online on 15 January 2021. The Symposium provides an opportunity for teachers, educators, and students to share insights and experiences in teaching and learning. Under the theme of the event ‘Turning Challenges into Opportunities for Learning and Teaching in Times of Crisis’, a video about cooking up a fun hybrid learning class with Blackboard Collaborate as a key ingredient produced by Dr Pauli Lai has been selected for showcasing in the Symposium to demonstrate the good practices of addressing the learning and teaching challenges. Interested parties can watch the video at https://youtu.be/uTEDqZqGwMo and register for the Symposium at https://eldss.edc.polyu.edu.hk/ams/registration_single_polyu.aspx?aid=1998