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A promising future beckons
Contributing to the nation

The Smart Railway Monitoring System applied in highspeed rail allows real-time monitoring of structural and operational conditions.

Contributing to the nation

PolyU researchers have played important roles in furthering the Chinese mainland's scientific endeavours. Key national infrastructure has been the focus of two significant efforts, with our researchers developing a Smart Railway Monitoring System that can be used on the nation's high-speed rail network and a Structural Health Monitoring System that provides life-cycle screening of the safety of mega-structures.

Also in terms of nation building, the University joined hands with Sichuan University in 2013 to establish the Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction to provide support and train professionals for quake-relief work in the areas of nursing, rehabilitation, social work and psychology.


Camera Pointing System is the first Hong Kong made instrument deployed in China's lunar exploration programme.

Representative of contributions to more broadly ambitious projects is the Camera Pointing System deployed aboard the Chang'e-3 lander that touched down on the Moon on 14 December 2013. A team led by Prof. Yung Kai-leung were tasked with co-developing the system with the China Academy of Space Technology. The result was a highly compact and lightweight system that made possible the clear images beamed back to Earth.

Prof. Yung expressed optimism that his team's achievements would inspire a new breed of scientists. "I hope our participation in the nation's space mission can arouse young people's interest in science," he said. Then he offered advice that perfectly reflects the PolyU promise in both research and education. "Be ambitious. Follow your dreams." In other words, lead on with open minds and shape the future.