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Chinese version forms are available to students enrolled in programmes conducted in the Chinese Mainland. 于中国内地授课的课程的注册学生可查阅中文版表格.

You can obtain the relevant application forms in relation to registration and examination matters by the following methods:

  • Collect the forms from the Service Centre of the Academic Secretariat at Room M101, Li Ka Shing Tower, on campus during office hours (Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm; Saturday: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon).
  • Click "Type of Forms" below to download the forms.

Form No.

Type of Forms

AS1 Application for Amendment of Personal Data

Update Personal Data via AS Student Page (On-line)
AS2 Application for Replacement of PolyU Student Identity Card
AS3 Application for Transcript of Studies
AS4 Application for Testimonial
AS5 Application for Certification of True Copy
AS6 Application for Withdrawal of Study
AS7 Application for Deferment of Study
AS8 Application for Leave of Absence
AS25 Application for Transfer of Study
AS38 Application for Concurrent Enrolment
AS41a Application for Prior Agreement for Subject Selection at Exchange-out Institution
(for exchange-out students only)
AS41c Application for Subject Exemption/Credit Transfer
(not applicable to General University Requirements (GUR) Subjects)
AS41d Application for Subject Exemption/Credit Transfer for General University Requirements (GUR) Subjects
AS84c Application for Graduation
(for Students on Major/Minor studies or programmes with nested awards)
AS106 Application for Certification of Award
AS112 Application for Retention of Study Place
(Zero Subject Enrolment)
AS113 Declaration for Taking Major/Minor/Double Degree Option
AS114 Application for Changing to Self-paced Status
AS118 Application for Reinstatement of Registration
AS121 Application for Taking Fewer Credits in a Semester and Opting to Pay Credit Fee
AS145 Selection of Major Programme by Broad Discipline Students (for programmes 01401, 04403, 54439-SS, 61431)
AS147 Application for Minor Study
AS147a Application for Counting of Subject(s) under Major Programme towards Minor Study
(for student enrolling in UGC-funded full-time 4-year curriculum undergraduate degree programme with an approved minor programme)

The information given in various application forms will be used for processing the relevant applications only.


  • 向理大中国内地事务处及各境外中心/当地合作大学办事处索取 (各课程的联络单位资料, 请按此查阅).
  • 点击以下的连结下载表格。



AS1 个人资料更改
AS2 学生证补领
AS3 学业成绩表
AS4 修业证明书
AS6 退学
AS7 休学
AS8 缺席课堂
AS38 双重学籍
AS41c 学分转移及科目豁免
AS84c 毕业申请表
AS106 毕业证明
AS112 零科注册
AS114 自选进度修读模式
AS118 重新注册