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Release of Assessment Results for Semester Two of 2022/23

11 Apr 2023

Assessment Results

For Students of Taught Programmes (excluding Students on Programmes conducted outside Hong Kong and Programmes administered by SPEED)

In connection with the release of assessment results for Semester Two of the 2022/23 academic year (2022/2), we would like to draw your attention to the following arrangements:


Schedule for Release of Subject and Overall Results

The assessment results for 2022/2 will be released via eStudent (My Results > Assessment Results).  The announcement schedule is listed below:

  Date  Event 
From 17 May 2023, 10.00 am  Release of subject results *  
From 25 May 2023, 10.00 am   Release of overall results # 
The option of checking results for “All Semesters” will be suspended during the period:  16 - 25 May 2023
*  Cases with subject results not yet available will not be shown.  Please contact your subject offering department for the release schedule. 
If the overall result is not yet available, the statement “Overall result for this semester is not yet finalised” will be shown.  Please contact your programme offering department for the release schedule.

Access to eStudent
You can access the eStudent through the following websites:


Other Graduation Requirements

The fulfilment/exemption records on Other Graduation Requirements (i.e., Work Integrated Education (WIE), Healthy Lifestyle, etc.) will be listed on the assessment results sheet via eStudent.  For your information, the “in-progress” status only applies to the requirement on Healthy Lifestyle. In addition, records updated before finalisation of overall results for this semester will be shown on your results sheet. Fulfilment records which are updated after finalisation of overall results for the current semester will only be shown on your results sheet of the next semester.  However, you can find the latest fulfilment records as updated to your records from eStudent (My Profile > Study Information) in the meantime. 


Subject Registration Arrangement for Students on Academic Probation

Students on academic probation are required to seek academic advice on their study plan for the coming semester. They should complete the Form AR150 “Study Load for Students on Academic Probation” indicating the proposed study plan and meet the Academic Advisors to finalise the subjects and credits to be taken in the semester following academic probation within one week upon announcement of overall assessment results. 

Appeal against Assessment Results 

You can refer to the “Academic Appeals” section of the Student Handbook for the appeal procedures.  If you wish to appeal against the decision of your assessment results, please make your appeal in writing to the Head of your programme offering department within one calendar week upon official announcement of your overall result via the eStudent platform.  For 2022/2, the official announcement date for overall assessment results is 25 May 2023 and the submission deadline for academic appeals is 2 June 2023.  For cases of which the overall results are finalised after the official date, the deadline will be counted from the date when the overall results are released for access by students via the eStudent platform. 

Please also note that students appealing against de-registration decisions must submit the Form AR149 “Appeal against the Decision on De-registration” by the deadline. 


Fulfilment of Free Elective Requirement for Graduation 

Graduates of Undergraduate programmes can refer to the "Graduate Checklist" for the subjects taken to fulfil various requirements of your award.  You can access the checklist via eStudent (My Profile > Study Information > Graduate Checklist) upon release of overall results. 

If your programme curriculum contains the Free Elective requirement, you can refer to the Graduate Checklist for subjects taken to fulfil this requirement.  If you have excess completed subjects and would like to change the subjects taken to fulfil the Free Elective requirement for a better Award GPA, you can approach your programme offering department within 2 weeks (counting from the release of overall results) for appropriate follow-up actions. 


Complimentary Transcript of Studies (Paper and Electronic Version) to Graduates

Around a month upon the release of graduation overall results, your Faculty/School will arrange to mail a copy of the paper transcript to your correspondence address accordingly. If you are graduating in the captioned semester with a change in the correspondence address, you should update the University, via eStudent (My Profile > Personal Details > ‘Update’), as soon as possible and preferably before the announcement date of overall assessment results, i.e. 25 May 2023.  For details, please read through the “Important Notice” under the “Personal Details” section of eStudent. In case you have an urgent need for a copy of transcript without awaiting the complimentary one, you may apply for extra copy on a paid basis by completing Form AR3 via eStudent

In addition to the paper version, graduates will also be offered the electronic version of transcripts normally one month after the release of your graduation overall results.  Kindly note that graduates are NOT required to tender any application for this electronic version, instead, you can simply enjoy the service by using your NetID (i.e. student number) and NetPassword as the login keys at the official website More information is available at the AR website (click here).


Our office will arrange to issue you with another email update when this electronic version of transcript is ready.


If you have any queries on your assessment results, please contact the relevant subject offering department(s) or programme offering department.  For graduates with specific Minor or Double Major, both awards will be shown in the “Qualification(s) Attained” section, otherwise, please approach the programme offering department immediately for rectification.

Should you fail to view your assessment results from eStudent, please email us at or call our enquiry hotline at (852) 2333 0600 during office hours.

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