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The Research Centre for Gerontology and Family Studies (RCGFS) aims to enhance the quality of life and address the needs of Hong Kong’s ageing population, improve the city’s practices and policies related to care for older adults, and become an interdisciplinary research and academic centre of high international standing on active ageing.


The RCGFS is committed to research excellence and innovation in the key areas of ageing, interdisciplinary education related to gerontology, and evidence-based practices for the promotion of active ageing.



The RCGFS is an interdisciplinary research and academic centre for the advancement of knowledge and practices to facilitate active ageing with the following aims:

  • deliver innovative educational programmes related to the application of multidisciplinary knowledge for the promotion of active ageing
  • conduct cross-disciplinary, cutting-edge ageing research of a high international standard
  • develop a unique holistic model of total wellness in active ageing
  • foster local and overseas collaboration to promote academic and research exchanges
  • promote opportunities for older adults to advocate for and participate in the shaping of Hong Kong’s greying society