PolyU Connect - E-mail, Communication and Collaboration Services


The University has partnered with Microsoft to provide advanced lifelong e-mail, web applications and software license services for free use by our students, alumni and retirees. The service is called 'PolyU Connect' and it will eventually replace the existing Alumni Email Forward Service and Retiree GroupWise WebAccess-only Service.

Upgrade of PolyU Connect Service to Microsoft Office 365

To provide users with a wider range of communication and collaboration tools, the PolyU Connect Service, mainly for use by students and alumni is currently upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 platform.


What’s new in Office 365 platform?

Office 365 includes the popular Office features online and allows users to better prepare coursework, collaborate with fellow instructors, and share curriculum and calendars, etc.

Note: Current students are eligible to all of the above new features while only email service will be provided to other users.

For more information about the upgrade, please refer to the Newsletter.