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photo of Mr Lo Ka Chung
2009 University Fellow
Mr Lo Ka Chung

Mr Lo Ka Chung is a renowned and successful businessman who has over 65 years’ experience in the jewelry business in Hong Kong. With his firm commitment for the well-being of society, Mr Lo shows great care for the community and, in particular, for the development of education and medical care. Over the years, in addition to supporting initiatives of tertiary institutions in Hong Kong to advance medical research, through the Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation he has established bursaries and scholarships to help students with financial difficulties and to reward those who achieve outstanding academic performance.

In 2006, Mr Lo generously donated $20 million to PolyU for its research work on anti-cancer therapeutics. This marked the inauguration of The Lo Ka Chung Centre for Natural Anti-Cancer Drug Development. His generosity has made possible the University’s plans to provide, through the Centre, professional cancer-related education and consultancy services for the community. It has also steered PolyU towards achieving the recent breakthrough in the development of cancer drugs through the use of advanced biotechnology. This award-winning breakthrough has not only given a ray of hope for liver cancer patients, but has also revolutionized the concept of cancer drug development and given a strong boost to researchers. An ardent supporter of PolyU, Mr Lo has also made a donation in the name of the Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation to the PolyU Development Fund in support of the University’s long-term development.

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