International exchange experience

  • welcome all PolyU full-time bachelor’s degree students and international students to join and gain an international exchange experience with students from all over the world

Credit-bearing subjects

  • select from a wide range of intellectually stimulating subjects; each carries 3 credits (39 contact hours in total)

2021 Calendar


Leadership Academy

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Main Session

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Introduction and briefing 1 June / 2 June -
First day of class 7 June 15 July
Last day of class 7 July 19 August
Symposium 9 July -
Final assessment / examination  - 20 August

Study Load 
Students can take up to two 3-credit subjects. Each subject is of 39 contact hours. The classes will be scheduled from 3 pm to 6 pm on weekdays. 

Medium of Instruction 
All classes will be conducted in English. 

Class Attendance & Assessments 
Students need to attend all classes and an examination, and fulfill the assessments as required by the subject. 

Credit Transfer Arrangements1
If you wish to receive credits from the International Summer School subjects, you will need to contact the appropriate academic authorities in your home university in advance. We strongly advise you to do this BEFORE you apply for the International Summer School. Each subject carries three PolyU credits. 

All international students will be provided with a transcript for free upon completion of the programme and subject to having no outstanding matters with the university.

If you are nominated by your home university, the transcript will be sent to the International Office of your home university. For other students, the transcript will be sent to the correspondence address provided. For any additional copy of transcript, application should be made to the Academic Registry of PolyU directly and an application fee will apply. 


  1. For non-PolyU students only