The Buddy programme aims to help international students joining the PolyU Summer School to familiarize themselves with the living in Hong Kong and to promote intercultural communication between PolyU students and the global community.

  1. How does it work?

    The Buddy programme matches incoming Summer School students (International, Mainland and Taiwan students) with PolyU students.

  2. Who can be buddies?

    All PolyU participants of the International Summer School 2019 are welcome to join the buddy programme.

  3. What do buddies do?
    • Act as an ambassador for PolyU and Hong Kong and provide a helping hand and friendship to the new comers at PolyU.
    • Enjoy the Summer School activities (including the orientation day, social activities and the closing party, etc.) together with your buddy.
    • Actively participate in the preparation work for field trips and social activities.
    • Tour around Hong Kong with your buddy.

  4. How do I benefit from the programme?
    • Build a global network by making friends with students from different parts of the world.
    • Join educational field trips to mainland China, Taiwan, Macau & Zhuhai or Hong Kong at a reduced rate to enrich your learning experience. 

      Original Rate

      (i.e. Half of the actual cost of the field trips)

      Rate for Buddy
      Hong Kong HK$650 HK$433
      Kaohsiung HK$2,845 HK$1,897
      Macau & Zhuhai HK$1,250 HK$833
      Taichung HK$2,845 HK$1,897
      Xian HK$2,850 HK$1,900
    • Be involved in your PolyU life and add evidence of global engagement to your resume.
    • Your accomplishment will be recognized in the Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (CAT).


  1. Eligible applicants will be invited for interview, which will be held in early to mid March 2019.

  2. Selected applicants will be invited to indicate his/her preferred location for field trips. The International Summer School reserves the right to make final decision on the field trip location.