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Sept 2024 Entry


2 years


72 plus 2 training credits

42 senior year places
  • This programme is offered within the BSc (Hons) Scheme in Building and Real Estate.

  • The exact study duration and number of credits to be transferred will depend on the entry qualification of individual AD/HD admittees.

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About Programme
Specific Notes
How to Apply
Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims


This challenging programme aims to develop all-round and flexible graduates with fundamental knowledge and practical skills in the inter-disciplinary professions of land management, real estate development and construction project management.  The Programme underpins surveying studies with the disciplines of economics and finance, law, management and technology and cultivates a global mind-set with international studies in the real estate and construction markets in China and overseas.

Students are well prepared to enter the professions of building surveying, general practice surveying (real estate), planning and development, property and facility management and quantity surveying (construction economics) with full potentials to take leading and strategic roles in the profession and business of land, property and construction in future.



The Senior year curriculum is derived from the 4-year full time undergraduate programme BSc (Hons) in Surveying.

Students in the 4-year undergraduate curriculum are required to take 121 credits and 2 training credits. For senior year intakes with an Associate Degree/Higher Diploma qualification in surveying or relevant disciplines, 72 credits and 2 training credits are required for graduation.

This is a professional degree programme with a global and practical perspective. Students learn about economics, law, finance and investment, management and technology in the construction and real estate context. Problem identification, problem solving and decision making form the focus of the programme.

There is close contact with the industry through guest lectures, companies and site visits. Students undertake group and individual practical projects throughout their studies. We also have a mentorship scheme in which students are matched with employers and senior members of the professions to gain practical insights into professional practice.

We operate Work-Integrated Education (WIE) in collaboration with the University to help students in placement. WIE during the summer term is an integral element of the curriculum, and the completion of practical training is an essential criteria for fulfilling graduation requirements.

We operate a student exchange programme to provide students with opportunities of studying abroad for one academic semester at Loughborough University (UK), the Queensland University of Technology (Australia),  the University of Florida (USA) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) 



Recognition & Prospects

Professional Recognition

The programme is professionally accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in the UK (RICS), the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) and the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (HKICM).


Career Prospects

Our graduates readily find employment as professional trainees in various surveying consultancies, property development companies, construction companies, government departments such as the Rating and Valuation Department, the Lands Department, the Housing Department, the Architectural Services Department and the Buildings Department, and other large quasi-public organisations, such as the Housing Society.

In recent years, some graduates have also been recruited into the business and financial sectors. A majority of the graduating class has been offered employment before or shortly after the final examination.


Students will be admitted to the Senior Year of the 4-year degree programme and they have to complete all of the following subjects in order to fulfil the credit requirement for graduation. The credit transfer will be given based on student's academic result of their HD or AD studies.

Core Subjects

Analytical Skills and Methods, Development Control Law, Maintenance Technology & Management, etc.

Discipline - Specific/Elective Subjects

Students will opt one Discipline from the following surveying disciplines: Building Surveying, General Practice Surveying, Planning & Development, Property and Facility Management and Quantity Surveying. Students are required to take discipline-specific subjects and elective subjects.

General University Requirement Subjects

Students are required to take General University Requirement subjects including 6 credits of Cluster-Area Requirement (CAR) and 3 credits of Service Learning Subject (SL).

Capstone Project

Students are required to take 6 credits of Capstone Project.

Work-Integrated Education (2 training credits)

The Work-Integrated Education (WIE) element in the Department will last for a minimum duration of four weeks in full time placement (equivalent to 22 full days) or 176 hours in part time placement. The Department has developed opportunities for students to work in firms during the summer in Hong Kong, which can count towards the WIE requirement.

Language Communication Requirements

Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree Language Communication Requirements (LCR) based on their previous academic performance in AD/HD programmes will be required to take a maximum of 9 additional credits on top of the programme's normal credit requirements.


More details on the programme can be obtained here.

Credit Required for Graduation

72 plus 2 training credits

Scheme/Programme Leader(s)

Award Coordinator

Sr Dr Ivy Wong


Entrance Requirements
  • An Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma in a relevant discipline.

  • In addition to academic results, preference will be given to applicants with better English proficiency.


For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel: 3400  8121 / 3400 8120 / 3400 3819; email: bsyywu@polyu.edu.hk).

Additional Documents Required
Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

To evaluate the aptitude and interest of applicants in the programme, and to assess their language and communication skills.

Date of Interview
Between December 2023 and June 2024

About 15 - 30 minutes

Individual / Group interview

Selected applicants will be invited to interviews.

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