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Can cataract be prevented?

Cataract refers to the condition that the crystalline lens inside the eyes become opacified and cause reduced vision. Is it possible to prevent cataract from happening? Can we slow down the progression of cataract? Actually we can.

To avoiding getting cataract, we can wear sunglasses with UV protection when walking outside. Too much UV-light absorption will lead to accelerated degeneration of the crystalline lens, and makes you get cataract at a youner age.

Once there was a patient who already get moderate degree of cataract at an age of 40. This is because he needed to work outside long term and used to hiking on holidays, without the habit of wearing sunglassess or sunhat. It might be the excessive exposure to sunlight that makes him get cataract earlier than others.

Other prevention measures include taking more green vegetables that are rich of antioxidants and avoiding smoking. Diabetic patients need to control their blood glucose because unstable blood glucose level will accelerate the progression of cataract. Since many patients may not be able to aware of their problems at an early stage, we suggest people to have regular comprehensive primary eye examinations to find out their ocular health conditions.

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