The Optometry Clinic at PolyU
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Primary Eye Care Consultation

A primary eye care consultation comprises a comprehensive array of investigations to determine the status of your vision and eye health.

A typical consultation includes the following assessments:

  • Case history
  • Assessment of vision
  • Measurement of refractive error
  • Assessment of the coordination between the two eyes
  • Evaluation of the ability to change focus
  • Evaluation of ocular health

At the end of the consultation, our optometrist will discuss the clinical findings with you and make recommendations.

Eyedrops for dilating pupils may be used during the examination. After dilation, your eyes will become sensitive to light and your near vision may be blurred for approximately 4-6 hours. Please bring a pair of sunglasses or an umbrella to use to minimize discomfort. Do not operate machinery, drive a car, ride a motorcycle or bicycle. Under normal circumstances, the pupils will return to normal after 4-6 hours.