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Student exchange allows SHTM undergraduate students to spend a semester abroad at one of the more than 60 renowned hospitality and tourism management institutions around the world with whom the School has established an exchange agreement.

Participating in an overseas exchange programme offers students an exciting opportunity to:

  • Broaden their global outlook
  • Become more independent and mature
  • Explore and develop their potential
  • Increase their career competitiveness
  • Enhance their language skills
  • Make friends with people with different cultural backgrounds
  • Study courses to help fulfil the academic requirements for their degree at PolyU
Please find the SHTM exchange partner list for the current academic year. The list may change depending on the situation with our exchange partners.
For more information about each destination and the student exchange opportunities they offer, please click HERE to view the information provided by Global Engagement Office (GEO).

The normal exchange period is one semester, taken during the semester 1 or 2 in the third year of undergraduate study. 

Full-time SHTM undergraduate students can choose to go on exchange either in semester 1 or 2 in their third year of study. Senior year students can go during the 2nd semester of their study. Students can only participate in student exchange once during their undergraduate study at the SHTM.

The SHTM will invite Year 2 students who are interested in studying abroad during their Year 3 of study to submit an outbound exchange application. The call for applications usually occurs in November/December.

Interested students should take the following steps.

  1. Get Nominated by SHTM
    1. Select an overseas institute or university.
    2. Submit the SHTM Outbound Exchange Online Application, upload all necessary supporting documents, before the deadline.
    3. Attend an interview. The SHTM will invite shortlisted applicants to attend a group interview. Applicants will be notified of the interview's date and time via email.
    4. Attend SHTM and GEO briefing sessions. If you are selected for an exchange, you will be notified and invited to attend a briefing session hosted by the SHTM. The School will send your nomination to the Global Engagement Office (GEO), who will host a second briefing for you with information about applying to the exchange host university, pre-departure preparations, and exchange funding, as well as post-exchange follow-ups.
  2. Apply to the host university
    1. Next, you must apply to your chosen host university, following the application instructions on the host university's website or sent via email. Consult your programme director or SHTM exchange coordinator for advice when selecting subjects to take at the host university, and coordinate with them to ensure that your credits will be transferred back to PolyU after the exchange is over. Be sure to apply before the application deadline. If the host university requests that all application documents be sent by the university rather than yourself, either by email or by post, be sure to send your SHTM exchange coordinator the full set of your documents, in the format required by your host university, at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.
  3. Preparation for exchange
    1. Meet with an academic advisor and international exchange coordinator. You should schedule a meeting with your academic advisor and international exchange coordinator to discuss your study plan during your exchange semester, as well as the semesters after your exchange. Review the programme document and the study patterns to ensure that you will complete all necessary coursework requirements for graduation.
    2. Arrange for accommodation. Find out what accommodation options are offered by your host institution. We highly recommend that you apply for on-campus university accommodation, if available. If on-campus university accommodation is not an option, your host university may be able to provide information on private housing and/or a trustworthy housing agent.
    3. Apply for an insurance certificate. PolyU has arranged a Group Travel Insurance for staff and students on official activities outside of Hong Kong, including our international student exchange. Please refer to the GEO's website for details. Some host universities may require students to take out health insurance for the duration of the exchange. Please check with the host universities for their specific requirements.
    4. Apply for a visa. Once you have received your letter of enrolment from your host university, you can apply for your student visa.
  4. Prepare for departure (Academic Matters)
    1. Travel arrangements. When you make your travel arrangements, please double-check to make sure you are scheduled to leave the host university only after you have completed all required examinations or assessments. Please refer to your host university's website for information on the term time when planning your travel.
    2. Study plan. Complete a study plan listing the courses/subjects that you plan to take during your exchange semester, and in the semesters after you return.
    3. Form AR41a. Complete Form AR41a and submit it together with the courses/subject descriptions of the courses/subjects in which you intend to enrol at the host institution.
    4. Pre-exchange essay. To enhance your learning experience, you will be required to work on a Pre-exchange essay before you depart on your exciting journey, and a Post-exchange reflection report after you have completed your exchange. The process of preparing for these two essays will allow you to reflect on your learning objectives, and to assess if you have accomplished them.
    5. "Like" the SHTM Student Exchange Facebook page. Get connected with other SHTM exchange students by "Liking" and checking out our SHTM Student Exchange Facebook Page.
  5. Arrival. Once you have reached your host university, you will be required to attend an orientation and complete the host university's registration procedure. Be sure to inform the SHTM, GEO, and your family of your safe arrival, and provide your mobile no. and address for your stay in your host university's country. We also suggest that you register with the Consulate/Embassy in your host university's country.
  6. Courses/subject registration or changes. If you need to make any changes to the courses/subjects that you indicated on your Form AR41a, please complete the form again and send the new version to the SHTM exchange coordinator.
  7. Complete your exchange and return to Hong Kong. Upon your return, you will be required to:
    a. Give your transcript to the SHTM/GEO for their records.
    b. Submit your 
    Post-exchange reflection report (with photos and exchange video) to the SHTM.
    c. Complete an online post-exchange questionnaire.

    d. Complete AR41c Form for credit transfer.

  8. Share your experience. We expect you, as an exchange student, to be a good SHTM and PolyU ambassador by helping to promote exchange opportunities at PolyU at the host universities, and by sharing your experiences as a "buddy" for inbound or outbound exchange students upon your return. Furthermore, we will invite you to host information sessions at PolyU's Education Information Day, and for SHTM students who are interested in applying for an outbound exchange.

You will only need to pay your PolyU tuition fee. You will not need to pay any additional tuition fees to your host university.

However, you will need to budget for the following costs:

  • Accommodation
  • Round trip tickets
  • Visa application fees
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses (meals, laundry, transportation, etc.)
  • Activity fees (required by some partner universities)
  • Textbooks and stationery

You should also check your host institution's website for more information.

PolyU offers a range of financial assistance to students participating in our international student exchange; eligibility and amounts may vary by destination and duration. Please refer to the Global Engagement Office's Website.

The SHTM also offers scholarships to outstanding students with financial needs to cover the exchange expenses, via a SHTM Student Exchange Scholarship.

SHTM Student Exchange Scholarship

The School offers an HKD9,000 scholarship to a full-time, UGC-funded SHTM undergraduate student who is participating in a one-semester overseas student exchange programme. The selection criteria include:

  • An outstanding track record of non-academic and academic involvement, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, and active participation in PolyU or SHTM activities.
  • Outstanding communication skills.
  • Fluent in English, Putonghua, or other foreign languages.
  • Independent, outgoing, flexible, and sociable personality.
  • Initiative, drive, and a willingness to see things through to the end.
  • Strong preparation for the proposed course of exchange study.
  • An intellectually well-rounded and broad set of interests.
  • A clear understanding of how and why the exchange study or internship will enhance their career goals in the hospitality and tourism field.
  • The potential to act as an ambassador and positive representative for the SHTM while abroad, and upon return, as a positive spokesperson for the host country and University.
  • Students applying for the scholarship need to demonstrate financial need. The scholarship will be awarded based upon the student's financial need, on top of the above selection criteria.

Here are some videos we want to share with you!

Outbound students’ videos

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For any enquiries, please contact:

Dr Ada Lo
Associate Professor, International Student Exchange Coordinator (Outbound)
Tel: +852 3400-2237

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